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Will there ever be a season 2 of Princess Jellyfish?

Will there ever be a season 2 of Princess Jellyfish?

Except, the story didn’t end with the last episode and there was no season two.

Who does tsukimi Kurashita end up with?

In the manga, Shuu and Tsukimi date with the agreement to marry, but their relationship falls apart while he’s in Italy and Tsukimi has to make a deal to move to Singapore in order to save Amamizukan.

Is Princess Jellyfish completed?

Kuragehime began as a manga written and illustrated by Akiko Higashimura. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Kiss manga magazine on November 10, 2008. The first tankōbon volume was released on March 13, 2009; and ended on August 25, 2017 with 17 volumes.

Do Kuranosuke and tsukimi end up together?

After hugging and crying, Lina hands Kuranosuke a white tux for the show’s grand finale. Thus Kuranosuke takes Tsukimi’s hand, just as he did during their first fashion show, and they walk out together, this time with the Amars. It’s during this moment that Kuranosuke confesses to Tsukimi that he’s in love with her.

How old is Shu Princess Jellyfish?

Shuu Koibuchi is a 30 year old personal assistant of Keiichiro Koibuchi and the half-brother of Kuranosuke Koibuchi.

How does Kuragehime end?

Who does Shu end up with Princess Jellyfish?

Broken Base: The resolution of the manga’s Romance Arc, and the Love Triangle between Shu, Tsukimi and Kuranosuke. In the ending, Kuranosuke and Shu are still in love with her, but decide to live together with the Amars with Tsukimi platonically and basically let fate decide if one day Tsukimi will choose one of them.

How many volumes of Princess Jellyfish are there?

nine volumes
The box contains all nine volumes of the Princess Jellyfish manga, including a full-color illustration gallery, author interviews, extensive cultural annotations, and a look inside the creator’s studio.

What genre is Princess Jellyfish?

Coming-of-age story
Romantic comedySlice of life
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