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Will the recovery rebate credit delay my refund?

Will the recovery rebate credit delay my refund?

Claiming the Recovery Rebate Credit on your tax return will not delay the processing of your tax return. However, it is important that you claim the correct amount. Any errors in the credit amount on your tax return will be corrected. Your refund may be delayed while we make any necessary corrections.

What is the recovery rebate credit?

The Recovery Rebate Credit is a special one-time benefit that most people received last year in the form of an Economic Stimulus Payment. Taxpayers can choose this option by simply filing a 2008 Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ and following the “Credit Figured by the IRS” instructions.

What happens if I didn’t get my $600 stimulus check?

If you did not receive any money from the previous checks — or if you received less than you were due — you can still try to claim the money from the U.S. government. This tax season, a recovery rebate credit has been added to returns in order for people to file for any unpaid stimulus check funds.

Will there be a third stimulus check?

The IRS started sending the third Economic Impact Payments to eligible individuals on March 12, 2021. We continue to send Economic Impact Payments weekly in 2021 as 2020 tax returns are processed.

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