Will iPhone 5s work in 2020?

Will iPhone 5s work in 2020?

Apple actually supported this device for more than 5 years and there’s no other smartphone brand that has come close to that. The good news is iOS 12 is perfectly fine and it’s still being updated with occasional patches and bug fixes.

Is iPhone 5S battery strong?

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Average battery life: Around 5 to 11 hours for both phones. Released in 2012, the iPhone 5 featured a 1440 mAh battery, and Apple claimed a single charge on this device could last up to 225 hours if the phone wasn’t in heavy use.

How many hours can use iPhone 5S?

The iPhone 5s has a Standby time of up to 10 days and a Talk time of up to 10 hours on 3G. Note: For additional information about charging your battery, please see the Charge the Battery tutorial. Learn more from Apple support article: Maximizing Battery Life and Lifespan.

How much does an iPhone cost in Singapore?

The Flagship phones of the iPhone usually included in the X series. The price range of these iPhone series is above SGD 1400 in Singapore. The people who purchase mobile phones just for fashion and high price are not an issue for them usually likes to buy expensive flagship mobile phone.

Do you have to pay for Apple service in Singapore?

All fees are in Singapore dollars and include GST. If the issue with your iPhone was caused by certain damage (such as severe damage not covered by the Apple warranty or AppleCare+), you might have to pay the full replacement value. Apple-branded accessories, including the power adapter, are covered by our warranty and consumer law.

How many mobile phones are there in Singapore?

The amount of mobile phone users in Singapore is about 4.6 million because the mobile phone is the easiest way to communicate. There are millions of mobile phones in Singapore, ranging from SGD 400- SGD 2000.