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Why would you call the Attorney General?

Why would you call the Attorney General?

The term was originally used to refer to any person who holds a general power of attorney to represent a principal in all matters. In the common law tradition, anyone who represents the state, especially in criminal prosecutions, is such an attorney.

How to contact the Department of Attorney General?

Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Department of Attorney General’s offices are closed to the public. To arrange for personal service, please call 517-335-7622 for assistance. For service by certified mail, the following address should be used for the Attorney General or the Department of Attorney General:

How to contact the AAG in Washington State?

For delivery of any other filing (except the original Summons and Complaint) related to ongoing litigation, contact the assigned AAG, For consumer complaints, constituent contacts or requests for public records, consult the AGO website at This waiver is effective until further notice.

Can a state Attorney General represent a private citizen?

Contact Us. State law prohibits the Attorney General, deputy attorneys general, and assistant attorneys general from engaging in the private practice of law. This means that they cannot represent private citizens in court either to bring an action on behalf of an individual, or to defend an individual.

Who is the Attorney General for the state of Michigan?

The Attorney General represents the various state prison wardens in federal and state court actions for writs of habeas corpus filed by state prisoners seeking release claiming their federal constitutional rights were violated in their state criminal proceedings, or that radical defects in jurisdiction entitle them to release.

How to contact the Attorney General of Washington State?

Per the state’s public records act, please be aware that all correspondence submitted to the Attorney General’s Office is subject to public disclosure. Use the options below to select the topic you would like to contact our office about. When sending information, remember to include a return US Mail address, as well as your email address.

How to contact the Attorney General of Alabama?

The Attorney General’s Office does not handle any domestic cases (example: child support, child custody, divorce, etc.) or probate matters (real estate, wills, property disputes, etc.). To obtain an attorney or legal aid referral, you may contact the Alabama State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at or by calling 1-800-392-5660 .

When do I hear from the Attorney General?

An attorney general investigation can come in many forms, from a simple letter to a Civil Investigative Demand (“CID”) or subpoena. Sometimes, however, the first time one hears from an attorney general is after a lawsuit has been filed. The first steps you take after hearing from an attorney general are critical. First, do not panic.

How to file a complaint with the Office of Attorney General?

We strongly encourage you to file your complaint using our online complaint forms as it is the quickest way for us to receive and process your complaint. If you prefer to submit your complaint by mail or anonymously, you may download our printable Consumer Assistance Request Form or Fraud Report Form .