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Why are jury trials delayed in England and Wales?

Why are jury trials delayed in England and Wales?

Some criminal barristers in England and Wales have called for the government to go further. Responding to the statement, the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) – which represents nearly 4,000 members in England and Wales – has called for every jury trial to be delayed for 30 days in order to “allow the public health impact to be properly assessed”.

Can a jury trial last longer than 3 days?

“All cases estimated to last longer than three days listed to start before the end of April 2020 will be adjourned. These cases will be kept under review and the position regarding short trials will be revisited as circumstances develop and in any event next week.

Are there any problems with Crown Court jury trials?

However, Crown Courts where jury trials of the most serious criminal cases take place present particular problems because so many participants, judge, jury, defendants, witnesses, lawyers and court staff need to be present.

What are the effects of jury trials being halted?

The halting of jury trials raises a host of highly challenging issues for a criminal justice system that is already beset by time delays due to a reduced number of court sitting days. With some defendants held on remand, the time limits for holding in custody are likely to have to be extended.

What to do if you are late for jury duty?

If you cant reach the courtroom, you may contact the Jury Commissioner’s Office or the clerk of the court and explain your situation. Remember the trial cannot proceed until everyone is present. If you don’t have a good excuse, the judge may fine you for being late.

How many days can you postpone jury service?

All jurors are allowed one postponement or reschedule of their jury service to a more convenient week. Usually it must be rescheduled during the same year and not exceed 90 days from the date of your origina summons week.

Do you get Last Word on jury selection?

Judges and attorneys, like most people, don’t want to deal with nasty people. But unlike most people, they get the last word on who sits on a jury. Be wary. Many lawyers have perfected their own system for picking out liars and scrutinizing potential jurors.

What happens if you skip out on jury duty?

Potential jurors fill out questionnaires and then face further scrutiny by judges and attorneys before selection to the jury in a process called voir dire. You could face civil or even criminal penalties if you skip a notice to appear at jury duty or get caught lying to get out of it.