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Who is the emergency room doctor in Nurse Jackie?

Who is the emergency room doctor in Nurse Jackie?

Along the way, Jackie must deal with the overly flirtatious behavior of emergency room doctor, Dr. Fitch “Coop” Cooper, played by actor Peter Facinelli. At the hospital, Jackie uses her romantic relationship with Eddie to have ready access to drugs. She and Kevin have two daughters: Grace and Fiona Peyton .

Is the TV show Nurse Jackie based on a true story?

Nurse Jackie is a good comedy because it is based on real life and nothing is more funny, horrible, tragic, {adjective here} than real life. Jackie is a great nurse who is not open to personal relationships even though she has the compassion of 100 people (making her a great nurse).

Who was Jackie Peyton’s husband on Nurse Jackie?

Jacqueline Peyton was an emergency room nurse at All Saints Hospital in New York City. It was revealed early in the series that Jackie has been battling a prescription drug problem and has been having an affair on her husband Kevin Peyton with the hospital pharmacist Eddie Walzer.

Who is the male temp on Nurse Jackie?

The emergency room is four nurses short, and Jackie runs a tight ship. A male temp seems to be unusually slow or dim until Zoey discovers that he may be on drugs. On top of everything, Grace has a panic attack at school, and Jackie accidentally lets it slip that she has a daughter.

What did Zoey say to Jackie on Nurse Jackie?

Zoey, the first-year nursing student assigned to her, looks up at Jackie with admiration, and says to her, “You’re a saint.” Perhaps controversial shows, such as Nurse Jackie, provide an opportunity for the nursing profession to communicate in new ways.

Who are the main characters in Nurse Jackie?

The character of Nurse Jackie is a skilled emergency room nurse, who is dedicated to her patients, and who in the pilot episode fearlessly takes to task a doctor whom she sees as responsible for the death of a patient, yet blames herself for not persisting with her intuition that the patient had a cerebral hemorrhage.

What did the American Nurses Association say about Nurse Jackie?

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has issued a statement of disappointment at how the show portrays nurses and nursing in negative images that could erode the trust of patients and even discourage young people from considering a career in nursing ( ANA, 2009b ).

Is the show Nurse Jackie a good show?

Nurses, nursing organizations, and the general public have weighed in on the merits (or lack of them) of the show.