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Who is Jerry Jones daughter?

Who is Jerry Jones daughter?

Charlotte Jones
Jerry Jones/Daughters

Is Jason Garrett wife?

Brill Garrettm. 1994
Jason Garrett/Wife

Who is Jerry Jones wife?

Eugenia Jonesm. 1963
Jerry Jones/Wife

Who are Jerry Jones’s kids?

Stephen Jones
Charlotte JonesJerry Jones Jr.
Jerry Jones/Children

Does Jerry Jones have a son?

Jerry Jones Jr.
Jerry Jones/Sons

Do Jason and Brill Garrett have kids?

3. Brill & Jason Garrett Do Not Have Any Kids, & Live Together in Dallas. Brill and Jason Garrett do not have any children. Jason was one of three sons growing up, according to ESPN, and one of his brothers, John Garrett, is involved in the same industry.

What is Mike McCarthy salary?

$4 million
18. Mike McCarthy, $4 million.

How many years has Jerry Jones been married?

Jerry Jones’ Wife Jerry Jones and wife Gene Jones, formerly Eugenia Chambers, have been married for 57 years, and officially tied the knot back in 1963. Both Jerry and Eugenia attended the University of Arkansas, where Jerry was a football star for the Razorbacks and Eugenia was a freshman on campus.

How many grandsons does Jerry Jones have?

Stephen has four kids of his own, and Charlotte and Jerry Jr. each have two. Jones’ grandchildren are named Juliette, Hayley, John Stephen, Jordan, James, Paxton, Caroline, and Jessica.

Does Trevon Diggs have a son?

‘Hard Knocks’: Trevon Diggs’ son Aaiden mirrors his uncle, Stefon’s warmups.

What is Jerry Jones grandson name?

Paxton Andersonvia Charlotte Jones
John Stephen Jonesvia Stephen JonesJames Chambersvia Jerry Jones Jr.
Jerry Jones/Grandsons

Who married Jason Garrett?

Jason Garrett/Spouse

What is the name of Jason Garrett’s wife?

Regardless of what you think of her husband, Brill Garrett is far from just being Jason Garrett’s wife. Read our Brill Garrett wiki to learn more about her. Born Brill Aldrige on December 8, 1965, she was raised in Illinois alongside her brother, Jeff Aldridge.

Why are Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones under fire?

Jason has recently fallen under fire due to some questionable coaching decisions he’s made throughout his career—not to mention some of his inappropriate decorum on the sidelines. The hashtag #FireGarrett has been trending all over the Twittersphere, with Cowboys fans urging team owner Jerry Jones to act accordingly.

How did Brill Garrett and Jason Garrett meet?

He is survived by Brill, Jeff, and their mother, Judy Aldridge. Brill went on to earn her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, where she met her future husband, Jason Garrett, during their freshman year geology class. This is how Brill tells the story of how they met:

When did Jason Garrett start his charitable foundation?

Brill and Jason also have their own charitable foundation called Jason Garrett Starfish Charities, which they started in 1997.