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Who has to report under nger?

Who has to report under nger?

Controlling corporations
Controlling corporations who exceed either a corporate group or a facility threshold must report their scope 1 and scope 2 emissions and energy production and consumption data to the Clean Energy Regulator under section 19 of the NGER Act.

What is nger reporting?

The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme is a single national framework for reporting and disseminating company information about greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and energy consumption. Corporations that meet a NGER scheme threshold must register and, once registered, report each year.

What liability do company directors of companies fail to report under nger?

Penalties for non-compliance with the NGER Act include civil and criminal penalties and infringement notices. Most penalty provisions in the NGER Act impose civil penalties. Civil penalty provisions may lead to financial penalties, but not imprisonment, and are not considered criminal offences.

What is the Australian nger act?

The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Act) establishes the legislative framework for the NGER Scheme which is a national framework for reporting greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gas projects and energy consumption and production by corporations in Australia.

Can a director be personally liable for company debts?

If you have signed a director’s personal guarantee on any loan, lease or contract, you will be made personally liable for the debt if the company is unable to pay. Typically, personal guarantees are required on loans for business vehicles or equipment, a credit line from a bank, or a commercial lease.

How does the safeguard mechanism work?

The Safeguard Mechanism requires Australia’s largest greenhouse gas emitters to keep their net emissions below an emissions limit (a baseline). The Safeguard Mechanism builds on the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme’s reporting and record keeping requirements.