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Who are the Polish solicitors at truth legal?

Who are the Polish solicitors at truth legal?

We are fortunate to have 2 very experienced Polish Legal Assistants in our team at Truth Legal. Miroslaw Ksiezarek, known as Mirek, is a friendly, professional Polish Legal Assistant adept at handling complex claims in employment law, litigation and personal injury. Mirek has worked with Truth Legal since 2014.

Are there any no win no fee Polish solicitors?

If you are looking for No Win No Fee Polish solicitors, we can help. We can undertake most claims on a no win no fee basis, please click here to find out more. In addition to our Harrogate base, we have 3 serviced, unmanned offices throughout the UK and we handle national Polish enquiries so please get in touch:

What to do if you need an interpreter for Social Security?

If you need service in Spanish, press 7 and wait for a Spanish-speaking representative to help you. For all other languages, stay on the line and remain silent during our English voice automation prompts until a representative answers. The representative will contact an interpreter to help with your call.

Do you need to speak Polish to apply for Polish citizenship?

There is no requirement to speak Polish to have your citizenship confirmed, however, if you decide to prepare the application on your own, you will need an advanced level of Polish language, as the whole process is carried out in Polish. This is where we help you.

Where can I go to talk to a social security agent?

If you need to speak with an agent, be aware that wait times may be longer than usual, which is why we encourage you to try our online services or call your local office first.

When do I need to appoint a lawyer to represent my SSA claim?

It applies to all new filings and pending claims on or after July 29, 2020. A claimant may appoint a qualified individual to represent him or her in doing business with Social Security. The appointment must be in writing and must be filed with SSA.

Can a non-Polish spouse become a Polish citizen?

Spouses of those who gain Polish citizenship by descent and live outside of Poland typically are ineligible for citizenship. However, a spouse of an EU citizen has many rights that are equivalent to their citizen spouse. Rules are different for non-Poles who live in Poland with their spouse.