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Which is the correct way to use hopefully?

Which is the correct way to use hopefully?

There are two ways of using the adverb hopefully. Traditionally it means ‘in a hopeful way’: She smiled at him hopefully. This sense has been used since the 17 th century, so it’s very well established. In the second half of the 20 th century, a new use developed, with the meaning ‘it is to be hoped that’: Hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow.

What is the problem with the sentence’looking forward to hopefully speaking with you soon?

Whether it exhibits correct grammar or not, the bigger issue is that it communicates a message different than what you intend. What this sentence communicates is not your eagerness to speak to the person but an eagerness to experience a feeling of hope as you speak to him.

When to use’hopefully speaking with you soon’?

“Looking forward to hopefully speaking with you soon!” ( correct when used in an informal style. Because in an informal style grammar is not rigidly followed. What you write if easily understood by the other end party the purpose of communication is served and it will do. ) “Eagerly looking forward to speak with you soon!”

Can you use hopefully as an adverb in a sentence?

It’s certainly true that you can’t paraphrase hopefully as ‘it is hopeful that’. But this is no reason to ban its use as a sentence adverb: there are no grammatical rules that say the meaning of a word mustn’t be allowed to develop in this sort of way.

What does hopefully mean in a hopeful manner?

The issue that some people have with the preceding sentence is that hopefully should rightfully be confined to meaning “in a hopeful manner,” and to write that “in a hopeful manner people will stop debasing the English language” just doesn’t make much sense.

Why do people say Hopefully all the time?

One possibility is that this use is seen as modern, and there is a curious and seemingly implacable feeling that many people have that linguistic change is evidence of some moral and intellectual decline.

Why is the word hopefully incorrect in this sentence?

Closed 6 years ago. The reason why it’s incorrect is given in my study book: hopefully is an adverb, and yet it is not modifying a verb in this sentence. I don’t see how this is the case, because hopefully is modifying the verb complete. And why is that according to Google Dictionary, the following sentence is correct:

What’s the best way to say I hope you are doing well?

“Despite all the troubles in the world, I hope you are doing well.” Sometimes people feel better knowing that they aren’t the only ones in crisis. No one is immune to worry. Admit to this, but at the same time, send a wish that you hope that they are managing the stress appropriately.