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Which driver died on Highway Thru Hell?

Which driver died on Highway Thru Hell?

Ken Monkhouse
It has been a year since Ken Monkhouse passed away in May 2020, read along to find out What happened to Ken Monkhouse of Highway Thru Hell. Ken Monkhouse of the Discovery reality series Highway Thru Hell was one of the most loved among the castmates and probably the most passionate.

Who died on Highway Thru Hell 2020?

Highway Thru Hell has confirmed Ken Monkhouse, a Hope tow truck driver who found many fans on the show, has died. “He was a wonderful and compassionate man, with a great sense of humour. We’ll miss his spirit and his big heart.

Does Toyota sponsor Highway Thru Hell?

Toyota returns as the show’s exclusive automotive sponsor, featuring the capable, rugged, full-size Tundra pickup in HIGHWAY THRU HELL’s seventh season.

What trucks does Jamie Davis have now?

Jamie Davis Motor Truck fleet HR 130 2020 Peterbilt 389,30 Ton Century 5230. HR 56 1995 Peterbilt 377, Century 1040 40 ton rotator. HR 63 Mighty Mo Western Star Holmes 850 40 ton. LR 19 2019 F550 Chevron 408.

Is Jason Davis related to Jamie Davis?

In 2011 Aggressive Auto Towing and the Davis clan also started filming for the hit show Highway Thru Hell seen on Discovery channel alongside Jason’s eldest brother Jamie Davis which is who the show initially follows.

Is Ken from Mission Towing still alive?

Ken Monkhouse, also known as “Monkey” on Highway Thru Hell, died on May 24, 2020 from a heart attack, according to Jamie Davis Towing.

How much does a 100 ton rotator cost?

The price tag for this King of the Rotators is around $1.4 million. Here are a couple more photos of this bad boy from Miller’s Facebook page. And believe it or not, this M100 already has a home. According to one comment on Facebook, this 100-ton Rotator will serve the St.

Who owns Reliable Towing Canada?

Scott Kieler – Owner – Reliable Auto Towing | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of aggressive towing?

Deep Sahota –
Deep Sahota – Owner – Aggressive Towing And Recovery Services LTD | LinkedIn.

Is Jamie Davis still in business in Alberta?

EDMONTON – Jamie Davis, the star of Discovery Channel’s hit TV series Highway Thru Hell, is moving to Edmonton to take advantage of the Alberta boom and focus his rescue work along the deadly highways to Fort McMurray.