Where is the Celestial Tournament?

Where is the Celestial Tournament?

the Timeless Isle
The Celestial Tournament is a pet battle tournament hosted on the Timeless Isle. It’s nearly as old as Pandaria itself.

Is the Celestial Tournament hard?

This quest is insanely hard but the rewards from it are well worth the effort. Here is how to beat the 4 Celestial Pets along with Lil’ Oondasta. The Celestial Tournament consists of total 7 fights ( 3 legendary pet teams and 4 legendary elite boss solo pets ).

How do you get Celestial pets?

Comment by Deirhese. Master Li sells these pets on the Timeless Isle in Patch 5.4. These pets will be purchasable with the new currency called Celestial Coin which is awarded for winning the Celestial Tournament and it’s weekly quest called The Celestial Tournament. The celestial pets cost 3 x Celestial Coin each.

How do I get celestial coins?

Celestial Coin are awarded for winning the Celestial Tournament and it’s weekly quest called The Celestial Tournament on the Timeless Isle. Note: To enter the tournament to start accumulating the coins, you must have 30 level 25 pets.

How do you get Chi Chi hatchling of Chi Ji?

One of the four celestial offspring you fight in the new tournament on the Timeless Isle. You can purchase Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji, which teaches you Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji, after winning the tournament for 3 Celestial Coin.

How do I get out of the Celestial Tournament?

right click on your portrait and leave instance group just like you’d do when leaving a DF or scenario.

How do you beat Dr Ion Goldbloom?

Start with Sunreaver and put on Extra Plating to take the initial Lift-off and not have a wasted turn. Put on Call Lightning and Fel Immolate, then just keep swapping pets keeping dots up like Flame Breath and Death and Decay letting Call Lightning do all the work.

How do I get Xu-Fu pet?

This glorious pet is purchased from Master Li on timeless isle. In order to buy it you need a special currency called Celestial Coin and you need three to purchase this pet. You obtain these coins by completing the Celestial Tournament (which rewards The Celestial Tournament.)

How to enter the celestial tournament in World of Warcraft?

Speak with Master Li to enter the Celestial Tournament and defeat all the challengers there. The Timeless Isle is home to a special tournament created to test the leadership of its participants. Those who prove their worth are granted an opportunity to befriend an embodiment of virtue – the progeny of the celestials themselves.

How many battle pets do you need for the celestial tournament?

A player must have leveled, themselves, a minimum of 15 Battle Pets that have reached Lv25. During the Tournament, Pets cannot be healed with Battle Pet Bandage or with the Revive Battle Pets button. The Celestial Tournament takes place in The Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle.

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