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Where is Abyei now?

Where is Abyei now?


Abyei Area منطقة أبيي mintaqat ‘abyi
Countries South Sudan Sudan
Comprehensive Peace Agreement 9 January 2005
Headquarters Abyei Town

Who owns Abyei?

(Reuters) – Representatives from north and south Sudan have agreed to set up a demilitarized zone along their shared border, the African Union said on Tuesday, ten days after the north seized the disputed Abyei region.

What was the Abyei massacre?

Regional officials say at least 12 people killed in a suspected herdsmen attack on a village east of main town in Abyei, a disputed region under UN protection since South Sudan gained independence in 2011.

Why is Abyei contested?

Abyei is claimed by both countries and has been a source of conflict in the Sudans for over 50 years. Abyei’s rich oil reserves make the region economically desirable to both Sudan and South Sudan. Its border location has also led to conflicting ethnic, cultural, and linguistic claims.

Is Abyei a country?

The oil-producing and fertile Abyei Area, with Abyei town as its center, is a disputed territorial point of contention in the July 2011 secession of South Sudan process….Abyei (town)

Abyei أبيي
Country South Sudan Sudan
Administrative area Abyei Area
Elevation 1,300 ft (400 m)
Time zone UTC+2

What language is spoken in Abyei?

About Abyei (town) Spoken languages are predominantly Dinka and Sudanese Arabic. Abyei is a key town in the conflict between North- and South Sudan, “Abyei is the ‘line in the sand’ on which neither Khartoum nor Juba is willing to compromise.”

How many people live in Abyei?

The area covered by the Abyei Area Administration is located along the border with South Sudan and has a population of over 100 000.