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Where do you not have to park your car?

Where do you not have to park your car?

Where you must not park You must not park your vehicle: Where your vehicle will cause obstruction or danger to other road users. On a road with street lighting – that is a road where the street lights are spaced not more than 200 metres apart – other than in a marked parking place.

What happens if an employee parking permit is not displayed?

If an employee’s parking permit is not properly displayed on his/her vehicle or such a vehicle is not parked appropriately, an announcement will be effected publicly announcing the license plate number of the employee vehicle and the corrective action to be taken by the responsible party.

Are there parking spaces for full time employees?

Upon engagement, all regular full-time and part-time employees are allocated a parking space. Barring the first few days of employment, employees are not permitted to park in the spaces allocated to guests and visitors. All employees are mandated to display their parking permit as stipulated when parked in the Company’s vehicle parking lot.

What happens if you park your car in a company parking garage?

If no corrective measures are implemented within this stipulated grace period, the vehicle will be towed by management. The Company’s parking set-up will not be held accountable for any damage or theft caused to any car, or contents thereof, while parked in the official parking garage or on company parking space.

Who is covered by the employee parking policy?

We ‘ll explain our criteria for allocating parking space and establish rules for using our parking premises. This policy applies to all employees who operate company or personal vehicles in the course of business, including permanent, temporary, contract employees, interns and volunteers.

Can a non-employee have more than one parking space?

This benefit is valid only as long as employees are employed by our company. Each employee can’t have more than one parking space and they can not transfer their space to another person (employee or non-employee). This policy does not restrict off-site parking.

Can a fully engaged employee request a parking spot?

Fully-engaged employees or employees contracted on night shift duty are permitted to submit just the single request for a parking spot. This request is expected to be submitted HR department, facilities foreman or other responsible official, who will in turn determine the requested spot should be granted or not by assessing certain criteria.

How are parking spaces allocated in a company parking lot?

Parking space for large company vehicles (e.g. trucks) may be separate from our employee parking lot. We’ll allocate our remaining parking spaces according to the following priority: We’ll assign parking spaces according to these priorities until they are exhausted.