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Where did my Neighbor come from to be a hoarder?

Where did my Neighbor come from to be a hoarder?

There was no where for them to come into the home because we had a 3 story townhome with a concrete base floor. They never came inside our home but it was our suspicion that they came from a neighbor into our garage looking for goods, which we didn’t have anything down there. We caught a glimpse of our neighbor across the street.

When to call the police on your neighbor?

If you have a neighbor who is usually hot-tempered, and he learned that you called the cops on him, he could go after you. Worse, you might be dealing with threats and taunts. If that’s stressing you, that’s the time to get the police involved.

What to do if you have a problem with your neighbor?

If talking about your concerns in person with your neighbor doesn’t work (always the first step), call the authorities and file a complaint with your local police, homeowners association, or county office. The neighbor can be fined for non-compliance and probably won’t appreciate your interference. But you are within your rights. Gather evidence.

Is the neighbor from Hell a social issue?

Call it a social issue on steroids, says Bob Borzotta, author of “Neighbors From Hell: Managing Today’s Brand of Conflict Close to Home.” Neighbor disputes have become a major problem in the last two decades, and people’s ways of making others miserable in their own homes can be practically sadistic.

Can a hoarding house be a fire hazard?

For starters, your neighbor’s hoarding house can be a huge fire hazard. Rotting trash can attract rodents and insects. And hoarding usually has a mental health component, which can make neighborly negotiations difficult.

Why did my Hoarder neighbors bring in bed bugs?

A hoarder in my old building brought bed bugs to the building and would not tell anyone for a year that he had them, because he did not want anyone coming into his apartment. Fist, all the neighboring apartments got them and that got taken care of. Then a year later the infestation started again (the bed bugs had been dormant in his apartment).

What to do if you live next to a hoarding house?

If you’re rebuffed, the next step is to contact the local authorities to see about code and public health violations (let folks come to your own home to record odors and take photos). Find a local nonprofit that deals with hoarders, and see if your city has a 311 line to report nonemergency problems.