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Where can I file a lien on my property?

Where can I file a lien on my property?

Access the online filing option in the county where the real property you with to encumber with a lien is located. Scroll through the document explanation and begin by entering your name or your company’s name.

How can I get copies of my Lein documents?

Print out copies of the completed lein documents. Read carefully through the online options to learn if the clerk sends out the documents to the parties named in the paperwork or if you are required to do so. Pay the filing fee for the online lien with your credit card. Filing fees vary by state and county.

How to file a lien online as a contractor?

In addition, when you file a lien online as a contractor, the clerk and recorder’s office requires the dates on which you began work, stopped work and served an intent to file a lien. Furnish information about the property on which you are placing the lien.

What does it mean when someone puts a lien on Your House?

Involuntary liens might include anything from a court judgment against you, a mechanic’s lien or even an Internal Revenue Service tax lien. These liens are not entered into by the homeowner willingly and usually don’t have much to do with your actual home. Your home is just the asset they tie their financial right on.

How to file a personal lien against a property?

Personal Liens against Property 1 Liens for Personal Debts. In most personal lien cases, a contractor or sub-contractor that you hire to do work at your property can place a personal debt lien against property 2 Filing a Personal Lien. 3 Legal Help.

Where can I file a release of a lien?

Releases of Liens can be filed in person or by mail in the Real Property Department. The nine annex offices can accept them for filing, however it may take 5 -7 business days to be filed based upon delivery of the work to the downtown office. CAN I FILE A REAL PROPERTY DOCUMENT ELECTRONICALLY?

What does it mean to have a lien on Your House?

For example, a lien on your home by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) indicates a debt of federal income taxes. A county can assess a house lien if property taxes have not been paid. A general judgment lien means that a general creditor is awarded a lien due to unfilled debt payments.

Who is notified when you file a lien on a property?

Notify all necessary parties. In most states you must notify the property owner immediately after you file the lien. Some states require additional parties, such as other lien holders, to be notified as well. You can find out who must be notified when you file the lien.