Where are hitrental business and vacation rentals located?

Where are hitrental business and vacation rentals located?

Our business and vacation rentals are located in the following regions: Cham, Lucerne, Zug and Zurich. All our modern apartments include top furniture, a fully equipped kitchen and free Wi-Fi internet at an excellent price / performance ratio.

What do you need to know about hitrental apartments?

Wi-Fi and TV are included in every apartment. Monthly cleanings are provided for stays longer than 45 days. Our business and holiday apartments are equipped with everything you need for your stay (e.g. Nespresso machine etc.) to feel en route at home.

Are there any hitrental apartments for rent in Switzerland?

Like the famous Swiss watches our modern HITrental business and vacation rentals are holding standards of Swiss quality, representing values like reliability, cleanliness and tidiness. Are you looking for a suitable holiday home or business apartment for rent in Switzerland?

What makes the best place to rent a house?

There are a number of convenient qualities that make the best choice for finding a house for rent near you. For example, our services are free, and for anybody who wants to navigate our site for houses for rent, there is never any membership fee.

How to prevent a tax hit when selling a rental property?

An effective way to reduce your tax exposure when selling a rental property is to pair the gain from the sale with a loss in another area of your investments. This is called tax-loss harvesting.

What makes a place a good place to rent?

To determine where renters can get the most bang for their buck, WalletHub compared more than 180 rental markets based on 24 key measures of rental attractiveness and quality of life. Our data set ranges from the difference between rental rates and mortgage payments to historical price changes, the cost of living and job availability.

Where can I find a house for rent?

Find Houses For Rent at HomeFinder If you’re looking for houses for rent, HomeFinder features thousands of listings in every state in the U.S. We make the process easy and straightforward with filters that can narrow down your search by state, county, city, and zip code.

What to do if your rent application is turned down?

If your application to rent a place to live is turned down due to information in a credit report, the landlord who rejected you as a tenant must provide you with a notice that describes your rights and gives you instructions for requesting a free copy of the credit report accessed in the decision.