When to ask for a new domestic violence restraining order?

When to ask for a new domestic violence restraining order?

At the end of those 5 years (or whenever your order runs out), you can ask for a new restraining order so you remain protected. Sometimes, when there is a domestic violence incident (or series of incidents), the district attorney will file criminal charges against the abuser. This starts a criminal court case going.

How long does a temporary restraining order last?

The initial temporary restraining order usually lasts 10 days, with a court date set on the day it expires. On that date, you and the person filing a restraining order both need to come to court.

Can a person get a restraining order against you?

Technically, anyone who is or has been a member of your household can file a restraining order for domestic violence. People don’t need to be related to you by blood or marriage to get a restraining order against you. They can also be the person you share a child with or you dated, for example.

How does a restraining order impact your life, record?

First, you can admit that the allegations are true and accept your conviction. However, you can also agree to your conviction without admitting guilt on the record. Finally, you can have the restraining order tried by a judge if you hope to get it pardoned or overturned.

What kind of restraining orders can I get?

There are 4 kinds of orders you can ask for: 1 Domestic Violence Restraining Order 2 Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order 3 Civil Harassment Restraining Order 4 Workplace Violence Restraining Order More

Who is eligible for a domestic violence restraining order?

You qualify for a domestic violence restraining order. You and the person you want to restrain must be: closely related (parent, child, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, in-law). You get legal help from a local domestic violence agency in your county.

What does a restraining order mean in Alabama?

Restraining Orders. A restraining order or protective order is a legal order issued by a state court which requires one person to stop harming another. In Alabama, this type of civil order is called a protection from abuse order, which we explain below.

When does a temporary restraining order run out?

If the judge signed the Temporary Restraining Order ( Form DV-110 ). If the judge made any changes to the orders you asked in your request. When your court hearing is, on the Notice of Court Hearing ( Form DV-109 ). The court hearing is also the date your temporary order runs out.