When is the best time to pack for Las Vegas?

When is the best time to pack for Las Vegas?

Packing for the Seasons in Vegas. 1 WINTER – December & January: Believe it or not, Las Vegas can get fairly cold in the winter. If you are visiting during this time, make sure that you 2 SPRING – February, March & April: 3 SUMMER – May, June, July, August, September: 4 FALL – October & November:

Where to book a flight to Las Vegas?

Land right into the heart of all the Sin City action when you book your Las Vegas flights through McCarran International Airport. This airport is just 5 miles from downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, which means you can hit the casino floors, buffets, and nightlife as soon as your flight lands.

What to pack in a day bag for Vegas?

A day bag is a good idea for carrying the items (camera, water bottle, sunglasses, wallet, etc.) that you need with you during the day. As a bonus, you’ll also have a handy bag that can hold any of the purchases you make while you’re out!

Are there travel restrictions to come to Las Vegas?

Are There Travel Restrictions to Come to Las Vegas? Currently, there are no travel restrictions on travel within the domestic U.S.

Pack for the season: October – April is cooler (warmer clothing) while May – September gets downright hot (cooler clothing). Believe it or not, you can get everything you need into a carry on, even if you’re headed to Vegas. Think multi-purpose when choosing your items.

What to pack for 24 hours in Las Vegas?

Whether you’re spending your 24 hours each day in the air-conditioned playground of casinos, sipping mojitos at a poolside bar, or exploring the surrounding canyons, you’ll have to pack something. Hanging in downtown Las Vegas often involves visits to hotels and casinos.

What are the new travel guidelines for Las Vegas?

Guided by the latest CDC and government recommendations, our partners are leading the way with new policies and procedures to ensure the health and well-being of guests and staff alike.