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When do you need an emergency protective order?

When do you need an emergency protective order?

An emergency protective order is a short-term protection order limited to a week at most. During that time, the victim can request a longer-term protective order. There are instances where restraining orders or protective orders are taken out against someone who is being falsely accused.

What can a man do with an order of protection?

When a man has had an order of protection issued against him, many automatically think that he must have done something horribly threatening or dangerous to his partner or family in order to have a judge feel compelled to issue an order. Orders of protection can be “stay away” or “refrain from” in topic.

What are the different types of protective orders?

There is also a type of protective order called an emergency protective order. This is utilized in situations where there has been domestic violence, and one of the parties is requested to leave the home. An emergency protective order is a short-term protection order limited to a week at most.

Can a judge delete an emergency protective order?

Although certain items are standard for an emergency protective order, a judge may add or delete provisions to an EPO as needed, in order to provide protections necessary to a specific situation. This may include further restrictions on who the offender may visit or contact, and places the offender must avoid. Find My Lawyer Now!

Can a judge issue an emergency protective order?

Emergency protective orders authorized. A. Any judge of a circuit court, general district court, juvenile and domestic relations district court or magistrate may issue a written or oral ex parte emergency protective order pursuant to this section in order to protect the health or safety of any person. B.

What do you need to know about a protective order?

A protective order is issued by the court to protect a person, business, establishment or the general public from a situation that involves abuse, harassment, stalking or sexual assault. A restraining order dictates what a party to a lawsuit can or cannot do.

How long does an emergency protection order last?

The police then give the victim an emergency protection order, which is a short-term order that is typically in effect for about a week. It allows the victim to request a more permanent protective order from the court at a scheduled hearing that takes place before the emergency order expires.

What to do if the person who abused me files a protective order?

Sometimes, abusive people try to “get revenge” by filing criminal charges against their victims. You should take this very seriously. If the other person files criminal charges against you, you will need a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the court should appoint one for you if any jail time is possible.