When do Michigan parents want to move out of State?

When do Michigan parents want to move out of State?

The law requiring the court’s approval for out-of-state moves is in the Michigan Court Rules (MCR) 3.211 (c). The factors to determine the best interests of a child for a change of custody are found in MCL 722.23. If you would like to read a case dealing with a move out of state, read Brown v.

Can You Move Your Child out of Michigan if you have sole custody?

This applies if you have sole or joint custody. It applies even if the other parent agrees with the move. If you want to move your child out of Michigan, you are supposed to file a motion to get the judge’s approval before you move. It doesn’t matter if you are moving 25 miles away or 2,500 miles away.

Can a ex wife move the children out of State?

This rule also includes that they cannot move the children out of state. In my state, in order to move the children to a different state, your ex wife would have to file a motion. She would need the court’s permission to move the children.

Can a non custodial parent move out of State?

Regardless of a parent’s reason for relocation, if the court allows the move, it will almost always change the current custody or visitation agreement. As a result, in addition to the factors for relocation, the court must also consider how the move will affect a non-custodial parent’s relationship with the child.

How can I move my child out of Michigan?

Moving within Michigan. The 100-Mile Rule. The 100-mile rule requires you to get the judge’s permission to move your child’s residence more than 100 miles from where the child lived at the time your family court case was filed. Your family court case is the case in which the custody order was issued.

What happens if EX moves out of state with kids?

In your case, if the court allows your ex-wife to relocate with the children, the judge must create a new visitation order that will allow you and your children to continue building and growing your relationship, despite the distance between your homes.

Can a parent with joint custody move out of Michigan?

If you share joint custody with the other parent, Michigan law permits you to move up to 100-miles away (you must stay in Michigan) from where you lived at the time the court entered the original custody order.

Can a parent take their child out of the state?

However, you still may not be able to take your child out of the state even if you have temporary custody – it may depend on what the order says. If you know you are planning to leave the state, you might want to ask the judge to include permission for you to leave the state in the custody order. It is up to the judge to decide.