When did slash get a divorce from his wife?

When did slash get a divorce from his wife?

Guns N’ Roses rocker Slash filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 13 years, Perla Ferrar, in 2014. The divorce was extremely contentious and didn’t settle until 2018. According to the settlement, Slash would pay Ferrar $6.6 million plus $100,000 per month in spousal support and another $39,000 per month in child support, TMZ reported.

When did Blake Shelton and Kaynette Gern divorce?

Blake Shelton was still married to his first wife Kaynette Gern at the time, and they didn’t begin dating until after his divorce in 2006. They had no children, but they did have 15 rescue pets. Toward the end of their ten year union, rumors of infidelity on both sides. Their divorce was finalized in 2015. 12. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: 2015

When did Jenna Dewan file for a divorce?

Dewan officially filed for divorce in October 2018 and asked for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s daughter, Everly, as well as child support and spousal support, The Blast reported. The amount of support requested is not known at this time.

When did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux divorce?

The couple then tied the knot in 2009, and welcomed their daughter, Everly, in 2013. In April this year, they released a surprising statement announcing their divorce after nearly nine years of marriage. 2. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: 2018

Do you get half your assets in a divorce?

The answer is yes and no, or maybe. Was that clear enough? As you can see from the information listed above, whether or not your spouse will be legally entitled to half your assets is greatly determined by various factors that are not the same for everyone.

How much did Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger divorce cost?

Mick Jagger ‘s common-law marriage to Jerry Hall was voided in 1999; estimated between $15 and $25 million ($23 and $39 million inflation adjusted).

What was the cost of Michael Jordan’s divorce?

Invenergy ‘s Michael Polsky’s divorce from Maya Polsky, $184 million ($222 million inflation adjusted). Michael Jordan ‘s divorce in 2006 after 16 or 17 years from Juanita Jordan, $168 million ($209 million inflation adjusted).

When to split a pension after a divorce?

If a pension is divided between divorcing spouses, it must generally be done at the time of divorce when other marital assets are divided.