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When can a seller refuse a refund?

When can a seller refuse a refund?

A business can refuse to give you a free repair, replacement or refund if: you simply changed your mind. you misused the product or service in a way that contributed to the problem. you asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business, or were unclear about what you wanted.

Do sellers have to refund postage?

You don’t have to refund their return postage costs for a change of mind return (unless its clothing or shoes). All original postage should be refunded regardless of the reason.

How do I contact ebay if the seller won’t refund?

What if the seller does not give me a refund? If you haven’t received a refund six business days after the item tracking shows the item delivered back to the seller, contact the seller directly or use the “Ask the seller a question” feature next to the item in your purchase history.

What happens if a seller refuses to refund PayPal?

If someone refuses to give a refund, but you feel you’re entitled to one, you can open a dispute if you didn’t receive your item yet or you received something that doesn’t match the seller’s description. (You may open a dispute within 180 days of payment.

Will eBay refund me if seller won t?

If we determine that the seller did not meet their return requirements: The buyer will receive a refund for the full cost of the item and original shipping, and. The seller will be required to reimburse eBay for the amount of the refund, and. The buyer may not be required to return the item.

Can a seller not refund the original shipping cost?

There’s only one reason I know of where a seller may get away with NOT refunding the original shipping.

Do you get a refund when you return a package on eBay?

That’s when the buyer provided a wrong Ship-to address resulting in the package being returned to the seller. eBay MAY honor a seller’s return policy if they state that original shipping cost will be deducted from a refund for buyer’s remorse.

Can a seller keep the original shipping charge?

In these situations, you can also keep the original shipping charge. The buyer pays for the return shipping charges, unless you specify in the Return policy section of the listing that you pay for return shipping charges.

Can you deduct original shipping from a return?

If you do accept the return, and they have not opened a case you could deduct original shipping. If your policy was a 14 day returns accepted policy they can return it for any reason including buyer’s remorse. And you may deduct original shipping from their refund for returns other than not as described (buyer changed their mind).

When do I have to refund shipping costs?

A buyer can request a return for any reason within 30 days. You are strongly advised by me to approve the return (you don’t have to but be prepared to face an A-Z complaint). for this you do not have to refund any shipping costs as it was an accidental order.

When does a buyer have to return an item?

When a buyer chooses to return an item due to no fault of the seller (e.g., the buyer changed mind, doesn’t need the item anymore, etc.), it’s considered a discretionary return, which means the buyer generally pays the return shipping costs, and the seller can withhold from the refund the original shipping costs. Was it a book?

When to get a refund from a seller on eBay?

This process must be started within 30 days of teh original delivery date, or the time will expire and the MBG is voided. if you failed to get a tracking number, then you are wasting your time. Without proof of delivery, eBay cannot legally force the seller to refund your money.

What happens if there is a missing parcel from a courier company?

If after the estimated delivery time, the tracking status is still not showing any changes, and the courier company cannot locate the shipment, it is most likely that the retailer will provide you with new items, or refund you for the spent amount. What are my legal rights for a missing parcel when shipping with a courier company?