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What was the agreement with my husband when we got married?

What was the agreement with my husband when we got married?

The agreement that I actually struck with him when we married was that I would pay 85% of our monthly common bills (mortgage, etc.) and he would pay 15% to allow him to continue to pay down his credit cards.   This was supposed to go on for 2 years when his contribution would go up to 1/3 of our household bills.

Can a husband buy property in his wife’s name?

(Shutterstock) Could a property bought by a husband in the name of his wife using entirely his fiancés be classified as benami property? Not so, the Delhi High Court has recently ruled. According to the ruling, a man has ownership of the purchased property even if it is in the name of the wife.

How much credit card debt does my husband have?

I am very uneasy with a lot of debt (outside of a mortgage). When we were dating, I learned that my husband had $25K in credit card debt, no assets, and nothing saved for retirement.   Basically, he just didn’t live within his means.

What did my ex wife Sue my Husband for?

At the same time as this, his ex-wife decided to serve him with papers to sue him for more child support, plus part of his daughter’s private school tuition, plus half of his 2-kids college expenses.

What should I get my husband for his 16 year anniversary?

What Is the 16-Year Anniversary Gift? The traditional 16th anniversary theme is wax (hello, luxe candles), and the modern gift is silver holloware. Don’t let the word “holloware” scare you. It just refers to metal—in this case, silver—tableware or servingware that isn’t flatware.

What happens to a home purchased before marriage?

A home that was purchased prior to the marriage and owned by one spouse is generally considered separate property and is not subject to division.

Are there assets that one spouse owned before marriage?

It is virtually inevitable that, at some point during the division process, an argument arises over one or more assets that one spouse owned individually before the marriage such as a piece of furniture or even a rental unit. It is easy to think that the spouse who owned something before marriage gets it, but it is not that simple.

When does each spouse own their own property?

At the start of a marriage, everything that each spouse owns individually is their own. Over the course of the marriage, that could change, or transmute, into marital property because of how it is treated.