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What to do if your car hood is stuck?

What to do if your car hood is stuck?

It is possible that one of the hood latches may open but the other may not. If this happens to you, you may want to try spraying some lithium grease at the hood release. This may allow to hood latch to unstick and start operating normally.

What should I do if my Hood cable broke?

If your cable is broken you have a couple of options on how to open the hood. First you need to see if you can use a set of pliers to pull on the broken cable. That of course depends on where the cable broke. If the cable broke by the hood release under the dash, you may be able to use a set of pliers to pull on the cable.

Why is the hood of my Mercedes Benz stuck?

At this point, you should hear the hood pop. Second, is released by pressing on the hood release tab under the hood. If your hood doesn’t open or close properly it can be because of dirty or rust in the hood latch mechanism or rust in the release cable. The good news is that typically it is not very hard to fix a hood problem.

How can I get my Mercedes Benz hood to release?

The second method to get the hood to release is to access the hood latch release from underneath. This is more tricky and a bit more difficult. Before you do that use a flashlight to check if the hood cable is in the right slot. Very often the cable falls off the slot and no longer can release the hood.

Is it OK to get a car hood fixed by a mechanic?

There is absolutely no shame in getting it fixed by a mechanic, and you can take heart from the fact that they too might take a while to get it open, although it would get your wallet lighter by quite a bit. Like it? Share it!

What should I do if my car hood is stuck?

If you are able to spot this, use your trusty screwdriver to try to pop open the lock. You would need to use a fair amount of pressure (not Hulk like though!) to release the lock from its spring assembly. Once you have managed to do this, you can easily slide your hand under the hood, and release the secondary latch and pop open the hood.

Why does my car hood keep getting jammed?

At times, the hood itself can get jammed. This could happen for a number of reasons, the most common of them being the rusting or aging of the lock of the hood. » You will need a helping hand as you go about fixing this problem. You would need to release the lever to open the hood, while someone else could try to prop open the hood when you do.

What to do if you can’t open the hood?

If you do find the broken cable, using the pliers pull on the part that is still attached to the main lock under the hood to open it. If you can’t find the broken part, you would need to venture outside the car and arm yourself with a long flat screwdriver and a little flashlight (or your night vision gear!) to try to get ‘under the hood.’