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What to do if my civil rights are violated?

What to do if my civil rights are violated?

If you believe your civil rights, or someone else’s, have been violated, submit a report using our online form. If you or someone else is in immediate danger, please call 911 or local police. If you are reporting misconduct by law enforcement or believe you have experienced a hate crime, please contact the FBI.

What are civil rights violation?

A civil rights violation is any offense that occurs as a result or threat of force against a victim by the offender on the basis of being a member of a protected category. For example, a victim who is assaulted due to their race or sexual orientation.

How to find the best civil rights attorney?

Identify your type of civil rights dispute. Your civil rights can be violated in a variety of ways. You should identify your type of civil rights lawsuit before you search for an attorney. Some attorneys specialize in only some areas of civil rights law but not others. Employment discrimination. This is a common form of civil rights lawsuit.

What to do if your civil rights have been violated?

However, your civil rights protect you against unlawful behaviors, actions and consequences from another party. Determining if your civil rights have been violated, take advantage of the experience of a skilled civil rights lawyer who can listen and understand your case on a one-on-one basis.

Where can I file a civil rights lawsuit?

Once you decide to file a lawsuit for a civil rights violation, one of your first considerations will be where to file: in federal or state court. Depending on the specifics of your case, the choice may be yours, or your options may be dictated by an applicable law.

How to contact the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division?

Contact Legal Services Corporation at or call (202) 295-1500. Or visit or call (800) 285-2221 to find a lawyer through the American Bar Association.

How to contact an attorney for civil rights violations?

Call (814) 826-3586 for more information or to schedule a free consultation. The most common misconception in civil rights violations of criminal defendants is that law enforcement officials are trained and will protect your constitutional rights.

When do you need a civil rights lawyer?

If you were the victim of police brutality, discrimination, or have had other constitutionally protected rights violated, a civil rights lawyer may be able to help. Other examples of situations where there may be civil rights issues include, gay rights, hate crimes, and other violations against human rights.

Do You Feel Your civil rights have been violated?

You may feel that your rights have been violated, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that your civil rights were violated. Only certain rights are protected under civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. Some apparent “rights violations” are in fact perfectly legal, and cannot form the basis for a civil rights case.

What do we do for victims of civil rights violations?

Our work representing victims of civil rights violations in criminal cases includes: Successful defense of a journalist on First Amendment grounds when the journalist was criminally prosecuted for photographing a student riot. Secured dismissal of criminal charges against 16 activists conducting peaceful protest during presidential visit.