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What mineral group is Strontianite in?

What mineral group is Strontianite in?

aragonite group
It is a rare carbonate mineral and one of only a few strontium minerals. It is a member of the aragonite group. The ideal formula of strontianite is SrCO3, with molar mass 147.63 g, but calcium (Ca) can substitute for up to 27% of the strontium (Sr) cations, and barium (Ba) up to 3.3%.

What is the name of ore of pbco3?

cerussite, lead carbonate (PbCO3), an important ore and common secondary mineral of lead. It is formed by the chemical action of carbonated water on the mineral galena.

Where is Strontianite mined?

This mineral and the strontium in its composition are named for the village Strontian, Scotland where the first noted occurrence and type locality of Strontianite is. Strontianite is an uncommon mineral the forms in low-temperature hydrothermal veins in limestones, marls, and chalk.

Where is Strontianite found in Ohio?

Findlay Arch mineral district
Strontianite occurs as small white crystals or powdery masses in cavities or vugs in Silurian dolomites in the Findlay Arch mineral district. In northwestern Ohio strontianite is found in cavities of dolostones where the fibrous crystals commonly are associated with celestite.

What is PB co32?

Lead(IV) Carbonate. Alias: Plumbic Carbonate. Formula: Pb(CO3)2.

Where is Cerussite mined?

It is mined in Spain (Murcia), England (Cornwall), Saxony (Johanngerogenstadt), Namibia (Tsumeb), Australia (New South Wales), Canada (British Columbia) and the U.S.(Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Pennsylvania). Cerussite can be formed by the action of ground water on Galena (lead sulfide) ore.

What is Strontianite used in?

Notable deposits exist in North Rhine–Westphalia, Ger.; Strontian, Scot.; and Strontium Hills, Calif., U.S. Strontianite is used in pyrotechnics to impart a red colour and in sugar refining as a clarifying agent.

What is Strontianite used for?

What is the name of Pbco₃ *?

Lead carbonate | PbCO3 – PubChem.