What is the synonym of climactic?

What is the synonym of climactic?

(or cataclysmic), earthshaking, epochal, momentous.

What is a synonym for homonym?

The word homonym can be used as a synonym for both homophone and homograph. It can also be used to refer to words that are both homophones and homographs. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings, whether they’re spelled the same or not. There, their, and they’re are homophones.

What are two synonyms for homonym?

synonyms for homonym

  • homograph.
  • homophone.

What is an antonym for climate?

climate. Antonyms: earth, globe, world, sphere. Synonyms: air, atmosphere, temperature, weather, clime, sky, region, sphere, latitude.

What is a word for antonym?

synonyms: opposite, opposite word. Antonyms: equivalent word, synonym. two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context. types: direct antonym.

What is the difference between climatic and climactic?

Climactic describes the high point, the most intense part of a movie, play, song, or, well, anything. Climatic refers to the climate, like the climatic changes that turned Santa’s workshop into a sauna for elves.

What is the antonym of homonym?

Finally, we come to heteronyms (“different name”), which are the opposite of homonyms. Those are words that are spelled the same, pronounced differently, and have different meanings.

What is a synonym antonym and homonym?

Synonyms are words with similar meanings, antonyms are words with opposite meanings, and homonyms are words that are spelled the same but sound…

What is the opposite of climax?

The opposite of a climax is an anticlimax, when something is far less important, powerful, or striking than expected—a letdown.

What is another word for global warming?

“Climate change” and “global warming” are often used interchangeably but have distinct meanings.