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What is the summary of Valley Forge?

What is the summary of Valley Forge?

Valley Forge was the first winter encampment where many thousands of men had to build their own huts. The officers formed the men into construction squads and instructed them to build cabins according to a 14-foot by 16-foot model.

What was Valley Forge and why is it important?

Valley Forge was where the American Continental Army made camp during the winter of 1777-1778. It was here that the American forces became a true fighting unit. Valley Forge is often called the birthplace of the American Army.

What does Valley Forge symbolize?

The name of Valley Forge has come to stand, and rightly so, as a patriotic symbol of suffering, courage, and perseverance. The hardcore of continentals who stayed with General George Washington during that bitter winter of 1777–1778 suffered much.

What was the goal of Valley Forge?

The troops being at Valley Forge between the British and York were a protection for Congress. The Valley Forge area (terrain) was defensible. The grounds were suitable to guard against attack. While the conditions were harsh, Washington tried to provide for the comfort of his men.

Was there cannibalism in Valley Forge?

Bentley Little, a pretty good horror writer, suggested in the early ’90s there was cannibalism at Valley Forge, but he was nowhere near serious.

What are some important facts about Valley Forge?

What are some important facts about Valley Forge?

  • Valley Forge was not the coldest winter of the Revolution.
  • George Washington was fighting a two-front war — against the British and his own Continental Congress.
  • The winter at Valley Forge was the last time the United States Army was integrated until the Korean War.

How was Valley Forge important to the American Revolution?

Despite the harsh conditions, Valley Forge is sometimes called the birthplace of the American army because, by June of 1778, the weary troops emerged with a rejuvenated spirit and confidence as a well-trained fighting force.

What did George Washington say at Valley Forge?

As his army marched into Valley Forge on December 19, Washington hoped that his officers and soldiers, with “one heart” and “one mind,” would surmount the troubles that lay ahead of them.

Which woman helped soldiers at Valley Forge who were sick or wounded?

One such woman, named Jane Norton, who when trying to obtain her pension mentions her service caring for the sick and wounded during the encampment of 1777-1778. Polly Cooper – Young Oneida woman who came to Valley Forge and assisted the soldiers caring for the sick and dying.

Who were important in Valley Forge?

Anthony Wayne.

  • George Washington.
  • Baron Von Steuben.
  • Marquis de Lafayette.
  • General William Howe.
  • Henry Knox.
  • Nathanael Greene.
  • Martha Washington.