What is the need of telephone skills within a hotel?

What is the need of telephone skills within a hotel?

Regardless of whom you talk with over the telephone, it’s essential to learn Hotel Telephone Skills so that you make a positive impression. Answering the telephone is an opportunity for you to portray a professional image as well as a positive image for the property.

What is telephone etiquette training?

By improving how they communicate on the telephone and improve basic communication skills, participants will improve on almost every aspect of their career. Key Objectives Of The Course: Home, Office & Cell phones rules. Properly handle inbound/outbound/transferring calls. Know how to handle angry or rude callers.

What is need for developing telephone skills in hotel industry?

Telephonic skills need to be developed because of some inevitable reasons: 1. They are essential in enabling the employee to develop a customer calling or ‘customer first’ attitude. 2.

Is telephone etiquette a skill?

Phone etiquette is the way you use manners to represent yourself and your business to customers via telephone communication. This includes the way you greet a customer, your body language, tone of voice, word choice, listening skills and how you close a call.

Why telephone etiquette is important in front office?

Even with all of today’s technological advances, the telephone is the primary source of communication at medical offices. Because of this, it is crucial that front office staff always use superb etiquette when speaking to patients or potential patients on the phone.

What are the 5 telephone tips you need to know?

5 Telephone etiquette tips

  • Always state your name at the beginning of the call.
  • Smile.
  • Give the caller your full attention.
  • Place callers on hold professionally.
  • Use the caller’s name.

When do you have to answer the phone in a hotel?

People from all round the world call for making booking or asking information or transferring message to the guest or for various other purposes. If you are a hotelier then you may have to answer telephone calls. This happens mostly with front desk staffs. Today we will learn some most effective telephone answering tips.

What should be the etiquette of answering the phone?

Everybody in your organization who answers the phone should be trained to use proper telephone etiquette and treat each caller with courtesy and professionalism. It is easy to overlook the importance of training staff to properly answer the telephone because it seems like such a simple task.

What can you do to improve hospitality etiquette?

Start training your staff to user proper telephone etiquette and schedule follow up training and practice sessions to hone and refine your staff’s telephone skills. You’ll quickly notice an improvement in your guests’ satisfaction, an increase in professionalism and eventually, increased revenues. So go ahead and give this Hospitality Gem a try.

Why is the telephone important in the hotel industry?

Telephone plays a very important role in hotel industry. Generally people outside from hotel calls for reservation or booking or change of schedule or passing message knowing information or talking to any guest. In all the cases the person who will receive the phone has to consider some basic telephone manner.