What is the Florida family Protection law?

What is the Florida family Protection law?

Florida Protective Order Laws How Florida law handles protective orders, often called “restraining orders,” which are sought by victims of domestic violence or those who are threatened or stalked by former spouses.

What are the family laws in the state of Florida?

Florida Family Laws. Many of Florida’s laws are similar to those of other states, with some minor differences. The minimum legal marriage age is 18 without parental consent, 16 with parental consent. Then there is the controversial issue of abortion. Florida law regulates abortion only in the last trimester, for instance.

Do you have legal rights as a mother in Florida?

Both mothers and fathers have important legal rights regarding their children. There are times when serious issues arise concerning parenting plans, spousal support and paternity that must be dealt with legally. Speak with an experienced Florida attorney at our firm today. Call 855-Kramer-Now (855-572-6376).

Who are the best Florida family law attorneys?

With so much at stake, make sure you work with a Florida family law firm that is collectively committed to protecting a mother’s rights. The attorneys at the Kramer Law Firm are such attorneys, and we deeply understand the importance of maintaining a strong mother-child relationship.

How are child custody laws enforced in Florida?

In 2002, Florida adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). The UCCJEA is used to determine which state has jurisdiction to enforce custody law. A substantially similar law has been enacted in all 50 states. The laws regarding jurisdiction are reciprocal and should not conflict with each other.

What are the rules of family law in Florida?

Family Law Rules and Opinions Florida Supreme Court “Family Court” opinions: The Florida Supreme Court has recognized that families should be able to have all of their disputes resolved in the most effective and efficient way possible. Court cases involving one family are handled before one judge unless impractical.

How are family court cases handled in Florida?

Court cases involving one family are handled before one judge unless impractical. Since 1991, a series of Florida Supreme Court opinions (also known as the “Family Courts” opinions) have been instrumental in shaping family courts throughout the state.

What are the rights of an unmarried mother in Florida?

An unmarried mother has different courses of action to consider. In the case of unwed parents, Florida law designates the mother as the natural custodian of a minor child. The mother therefore has sole legal rights over the child until paternity is established. As a single mother, you have the right to establish paternity on behalf of the child.

What are the rules for child custody in Florida?

See Florida Family Law Rule of Procedures 12.407. The parent requesting a child’s testimony must first schedule a court hearing on the request. At the hearing, the judge will consider all relevant factors when ruling on the request. If granted, the judge may allow the minor to testify about the child’s preference in custody.