What is the difference between ScanSnap S1300 and S1300i?

What is the difference between ScanSnap S1300 and S1300i?

The form factor and look is exactly the same as the S1300, except that it now says “ScanSnap S1300i” on the top. The S1300i comes with a printed manual, the installation DVD, an AC adaptor, and two USB cables: one for data and one for power.

Is ScanSnap S1300i wireless?

Like all scanners of the ScanSnap series, the S1300i supports wireless scanning to iPad and iPhone devices via the mobile app ScanSnap Connect Application, which now comes in a version for select Android™ smartphones and tablets.

What is the fastest Fujitsu scanner?

PFU introduces the fi-7900 and fi-7800, the fastest high-volume scanner with great usability for operators – Fujitsu Global.

Does ScanSnap S1300i work with Mac?

Mac OS. Windows® XP is supported by ScanSnap iX500, ScanSnap S1300i or ScanSnap SV600. ScanSnap iX500 or ScanSnap SV600.

How many pages can ScanSnap scan at once?

Just place a document in the scanner’s paper chute, press the “scan” button, and the iX500 starts scanning right away. Furthermore, the iX500 is able to scan up to 50 two-sided pages at a speedy 25 pages per minute.

Is Fujitsu ScanSnap wireless?

Using ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool allows you to set up a wireless network at any time to connect the ScanSnap to a wireless LAN. When you install ScanSnap Manager, ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool is installed at the same time.

What is PaperStream IP Twain?

PaperStream IP enhances standard TWAIN and ISIS applications by integrating cutting edge image processing technologies, without the need to change or modify any software.

Do Fujitsu scanners work with Mac?

Fujitsu Scansnap ix100 – Best portable mac scanner + It runs as a wireless scanner that is compatible with OSX and Apple products. + The scanner will run on a battery, scanning around 250 documents on a single charge.

How do I connect my Fujitsu scanner to my Mac?

Mac OS

  1. Connect a computer to the wireless access point that you intend to add.
  2. Start the ScanSnap Cloud application.
  3. From the menu bar, click [ScanSnap Cloud] → [Preferences].
  4. Click the [Change] button for [Network] in the [Scanner] tab.
  5. Connect the ScanSnap to a computer with a USB cable.
  6. Click the [Next] button.

Can ScanSnap ix1500 scan double sided?