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What is the defendant in a court case?

What is the defendant in a court case?

defendant – In a civil suit, the person complained against; in a criminal case, the person accused of the crime. defense table – The table where the defense lawyer sits with the defendant in the courtroom.

What happens if I can’t make a court date?

If the reason you cannot attend is an appropriate basis for a continuance, the court will inform you what forms or motions must be filed with the court. The exact forms or motions that need to be filed will vary based on the state or local rules or even the rules that the judge has set for her own courtroom.

When to request a continuance for a court date?

Scheduling conflicts are common for small claims defendants and plaintiffs alike. If you have been issued a subpoena for a court time or date that you can’t possibly attend, you won’t need the expensive services of an attorney to reschedule. Filing a request for continuance on your own behalf is simple, fast, and easy. 1. Have a Good Reason

What to do if you want to postpone a court date?

Try to maintain a civil and businesslike relationship with the opposing counsel when discussing scheduling and the case in general. Attend the court date. If you desire a postponement of the date because you simply need more time, you can opt to attend and ask the judge for more time on that date. Check in with the judge’s clerk when you arrive.

How long does it take to get a divorce in the FJC?

If your divorce is contested, proceedings may take at least 18 months to conclude. If your documents are in order, the Court will accept your documents for filing. Copies of your documents will be affixed electronically with the Court seal and the sealed copies will be given to you.

How to find out an upcoming court date?

View (or subscribe to) upcoming criminal case schedules by county to find out when and where criminal cases will be held. Search for upcoming impaired driving cases by county, zip code, or defendant name. Search for upcoming court dates assigned to an individual officer by officer name, number, agency, or county.

What to do if you cannot make your court date?

Contact the court as soon as you are aware you cannot attend to give yourself ample time. When communicating with the clerk have your court date, case number, and any other relevant information available. Take the directed action.

How can I get a continuance for a court date?

Call or visit the clerk’s office of the court that is handling your case and explain why you cannot attend the scheduled date. The clerk will inform you how continuances are handled in that state, county, or city. In most cases, obtaining a continuance will need to be handled a certain number of days in advance of the court date.

When to hire a lawyer for Family Court?

If you find yourself unable to come to an agreement with your spouse and you do have to schedule a court date be wary of these hallway settlements. You hire a lawyer to protect your interests but you have to put pro-active energy into making sure those interests are truly protected.