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What is the CPT code for facial nerve function studies?

What is the CPT code for facial nerve function studies?

Table 2: Other CPT Codes of Interest to Audiologists

CPT Code Descriptor
92507 Treatment of speech, language, voice, communication, and/or auditory processing disorder; individual
92516 Facial nerve function studies (eg, electroneuronography)
92551 Screening test, pure tone, air only

How do you repair facial nerve damage?

There are three basic approaches to facial nerve repair: direct nerve repair, cable nerve grafting or nerve substitution. Direct nerve repair is the preferred option whenever possible and is performed by removing the diseased or affected portion of the nerve, then reconnecting the two nerve ends.

What is the time frame for facial nerve healing?

o Most patients should have some recovery within the first 2-4 weeks, however, complete recovery may take up to 6 months. If you have facial paralysis without recovery for more than 6 months you should see a physician immediately.

What is a facial sling?

Static sling is a procedure that involves taking a piece of tissue taken from the thigh, called fascia lata, and placed into the face to resuspend the mouth and cheek. It is a rather old technique but effective if you want to simply keep the corner of the mouth elevated at rest.

What is the difference between CPT 92551 and 92552?

The medical billing CPT code 92551 means screening test, pure tone, air only. The difference between 92551 and 92552 is slight, but very important when doing medical billing. 92552 changes both intensity and frequency while 92551 only changes frequency while the intensity stays the same.

Is facial paralysis surgery covered by insurance?

Facial reanimation is usually covered all or in part by insurance because it is medically necessary surgery.

What is a surgical repair of the nerve?

Surgical Repair Surgical nerve repair involves exploration of the injured nerve and removal of injured tissue or scar from the nerve endings. After that, a nerve can be directly reconnected if there is enough length on the ends to allow for a good quality repair without tension.

What is facial reanimation surgery?

Facial reanimation surgery restores or replaces lost facial movement. It may not create a perfectly symmetrical smile or completely restore a natural eyelid blink, but over time it will restore your ability to express your emotions through more natural facial movement.

Can nerves in the face regenerate?

The facial nerve, if well approximated on each side at the site of the injury, can gradually regenerate itself so that gradual improvement is expected. Facial nerve damage symptoms, such as dry eye, are treated with lubricating eye drops.

What are the symptoms of facial nerve damage?

Facial nerve problems may result in facial muscle paralysis, weakness, or twitching of the face. Dryness of the eye or the mouth, alteration of taste on the affected side, or even excessive tearing or salivation can be seen as well.

What is facial reanimation?

What is facial reanimation? Facial reanimation procedures help children move their face or make more even movements on both sides of their face. The nerve that controls the face muscles is called the “facial nerve.” One facial nerve comes out of each side of the skull near the ear.

What is fascia lata sling?

A fascia lata sling operation is a static procedure as it aims to improve the symmetry of the mouth when your face is at rest. The aim of the operation is to provide you with enough mouth symmetry at rest that other people will not be able to tell you have facial palsy affecting your mouth when you are not smiling.