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What is the best wood for an urn?

What is the best wood for an urn?

Oak is a hard wood, heavy, tought, and strong, with open grain. One of the most durable woods, it is a standard in furniture making and thus a standard wood type in the cremation urn industry.

Can an urn be made of wood?

A cremation urn is simply a container You can make your own from wood, ceramic, or even paper mache. You can also commission an artist to make a custom urn from wood, ceramic, or just about any other type of material.

Do wooden urns open?

Wooden urns are often opened by unscrewing the base off the bottom. You will need a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws before opening the urn.

How do you seal a wooden urn?


  1. Remove the panel, and carefully place the bag holding the cremated remains inside.
  2. The panel is then replaced and attached with the screws.
  3. The urn can be permanently sealed. Secure the panel with silicone epoxy or wood glue.

What should urns be made of?

Ceramic and porcelain – Ceramic is the most widely used material for cremation urns. Memorials made out of ceramic are usually unique, artful and attractive, fitting perfectly any interior. The clean smooth surface of the ceramic makes it the preferred choice for many.

How long will a wooden urn last?

Many biodegradable burial urns are made from bamboo or wood. The rate of degradation for these urns will range from 1 year to 20 years after being buried.

How much does a wood urn cost?

Urns made from wood can start as low as $25, and generally cost up $300. Metal urns, typically made from aluminum or brass, start around $60 and can also cost up $300. Keepsake Urns that look like miniature cremation urns start under $10 and can cost up to $200.

How are ashes sealed in an urn?

Most of our cremation urns do not require a sealant, but you may apply a small bead of wood glue, caulk, or other adhesive around the edges of the urn opening if you so choose. Usually the best method for placing the ashes into an urn is to simply leave the remains in the plastic bag and set the bag in the urn.

How do you unseal urns?

How to unseal a metal urn. If the metal urn is sealed with wax or adhesive, try to open it by soaking a cotton swab in fingernail polish remover or an epoxy solvent. Repeatedly run the swab along the sealed portion of the urn. You might have to wiggle the lid several times or use a flathead screwdriver to open the urn.