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What is the best weapon in bf3?

What is the best weapon in bf3?

Assault: M16/G3A3.

  • Engineer: Mtar-21/M4,M4A1/G36.
  • Support: M249/M27,MG36.
  • Recon: M98B/M40A5.
  • Sidearm: any 1911. the 93R and G18 are for fags.
  • Edit: The Rex is also very good if you can get on target and stay on target.
  • What are carbines in bf3?

    Basically, Carbines are shorter version of Assault Rifles. They don’t have the range of Assault Rifles, but they still pack quite a punch in close quarters, which is where engineers may be when trying to destroy vehicles. Engineer kit is a easy kit to unlock everything for the kit.

    What is the best engineer gun in bf4?

    If you know how to burst , use M4. If you don´t want a burst fire weapon , I would suggest you ACE-52 CQB or G36C as primary. I am not a big fan of PDWs , but if you want enginner loadout for CQB , pick PDW. If you want short-medium range , pick carbine.

    What does an engineer do in Battlefield 5?

    The Engineer Combat Role is the base for the Support Class. Soldiers look to you to lock down a location in a hurry, since you can build Fortifications faster than any other Class or Combat Role.

    Does Battlefield 4 have classes?

    There are four Classes each player can use in Battlefield 4’s Multiplayer. Each class has its own role in the overall team combat, and each has their own Kit filled with unique Weapons and Gadgets.

    How many guns does Battlefield 3 have?

    50 weapons
    Weapons and Gadgets There are currently over 50 weapons in Battlefield 3, unlocked through player progression.

    How many guns are in BF1?

    Comment from discussion This is how the launch lineup in BFV compares to the previous major BF releases. BF1 also had 24 primary weapons (six per class), unless the graphic-maker is counting Calvary, Pilot and Tanker.

    How do you get not the weakest link?

    In order to even attempt the assignment, you must reach a rank of 10, own the Dragon’s Teeth DLC and even play one round of one Dragon’s Teeth map. That’s the easy part, however. The tougher part is completing the requirements to actually unlock the mpx, and here’s what you need to do.

    What is the best weapon in battlefield 5?

    Battlefield 5 Best Weapons

    Rankings Weapons
    S-Tier [Best] Kar 98k Lee Enfield No 4
    A-Tier [Strong] Gewehr 43 StG 44
    B-Tier [Above Average] Bren Gun Lewis Gun
    C-Tier [Average] M1911 P38 Pistol

    What is the best assault rifle in Battlefield 5?

    The Ribeyrolles 1918 or ‘Ribey’ is, by far, the best assault rifle in the game. The only gun that out-damages the Ribey is the Breda M1935. However, the Breda suffers from less accuracy, a slower RPM, and a smaller magazine.

    How do you level up weapons in Battlefield 3?

    Each kit will start out with one weapon. Use that kit to level it up and unlock more weapons and gadgets. At every 100 kills with a weapon, you will be awarded a service star and a weapon proficiency Dog Tag. At the fifth star, you will unlock a right side Dog Tag.

    How are weapons split up in Battlefield 3?

    Weapons & Gadgets. All weapons and gadgets in Battlefield 3 are split up into different Kits. Each Kit has special Gadgets to make that particular kit unique. The weapons available aren’t only split up into different kits, but the starting weapons can only be used if you are playing as the US Faction or the Russian Faction.

    How does the Recon kit work in Battlefield 3?

    A skilled sniper will be able to kill enemies with a single shot to the head while the target is running, but in close quarters combat, they are typically heavily dependent on their secondary weapon. The Recon Kit has unlockable gadgets that help it stay true to it’s purpose — namely, gathering reconnaissance on enemies and moving in undetected.