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What is the Applied Biosystems 7500?

What is the Applied Biosystems 7500?

The Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System is a powerful platform for labs requiring superior performance and maximum dye versatility. This third generation platform features an innovative optical system that enhances sensitivity and lets you access a broader range of fluorophores.

What is ABI 7500 Fast?

The Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System delivers high- speed cycling capabilities with a new fast ramping Peltier-based thermal cycling block. This hardware, together with new Optical Fast 96-well reaction plates and a new hot-start DNA polymerase containing master mix, comprise the complete Fast system.

Is real time PCR fast?

The real time RT–PCR technique is highly sensitive and specific and can deliver a reliable diagnosis in as little as three hours, though laboratories take on average between six and eight hours.

What is QuantStudio?

QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems detect changes in gene expressions as low as 1.5-fold. Designed to reduce contamination and increase productivity, several QuantStudio Real-Time PCR systems include remote set-up, monitoring, and sharing. The QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro systems also feature hands-free commands.

What is quantitative real time PCR used for?

Real-time PCR, also called quantitative real-time PCR, is a technique used to amplify and simultaneously quantify a targeted DNA molecule. It enables both detection and quantification.

Why is it called real time PCR?

In order to robustly detect and quantify gene expression from small amounts of RNA, amplification of the gene transcript is necessary. This measurement is made after each amplification cycle, and this is the reason why this method is called real time PCR (that is, immediate or simultaneous PCR).

How does Fast PCR work?

Rapid PCR uses real-time PCR, an automated rapid thermocycling process that incorporates amplification and detection in a single procedure inside a closed reaction vessel. This process significantly reduces the risk of contamination by nontarget DNA. bioterrorism threats (eg, anthrax, smallpox).

Is RT-PCR Rapid Test?

A major difference between rapid antigen tests and RT-PCR is the difference in the analytic sensitivity of the assay. Typically, the sensitivity of antigen tests is 30% to 40% lower than for RT-PCR, depending on whether tested subjects were symptomatic or asymptomatic (Cochrane Library, March 2021).

How much does a QuantStudio cost?

Thermo Fisher’s QuantStudio 3 starts at around $28,000, while the QuantStudio 12K starts at around $90,000 and the dPCR-capable QuantStudio 3D (including all required accessories) costs $44,000.

What QuantStudio 7?

The Applied Biosystems® QuantStudio™ 7 Flex Real-Time PCR System advances your research further by enabling a broad range of real-time PCR-based applications through its multiplexing capabilities and interchangeable block formats.

Is RT PCR Rapid Test?

What are the most common uses of real-time PCR analysis for viral load detection?

Applications of Real-Time PCR

  • Laboratory Applications.
  • Multiplexing.
  • Microbe Detection.
  • SNP Detection.
  • Viral Load.
  • One of the best ways to evaluate single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is by melting curve analysis.
  • Which is not an application of real-time PCR?

Which is Applied Biosystems 7500 real time PCR system?

Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Real-Time PCR Systems offer you high performance, multicolor real-time PCR wherever your research takes you. Choose from our Fast and standard 7500 systems. Interested in a system for diagnostic research? We also offer the 7500 Fast Dx Instrument for your diagnostic needs.

Which is the fastest real time PCR system?

The Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System offers maximum performance in the minimum time. Fully optimized for Fast cycling, the 7500 Fast delivers high-quality results in as little as 30 minutes. We supply a Dell™ Tower computer with the 7500 Fast System.

Is the Applied Biosystems 7500 Fast DX software available?

Attention: 7500 Fast Dx software is not available for download at this time. Please contact your local sales or service representative for ordering information.

Is the 7500 Fast DX real time PCR instrument registered?

The 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument meets the requirements of the in vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (98⁄79⁄EC). The CE IVD-registered 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument is for distribution and use in specific European countries only. USA: For in vitro Diagnostic Use.