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What is nutmeg oil good for?

What is nutmeg oil good for?

Not only does nutmeg essential oil relieves joint pain, elevates mood, regulates menstrual cycles, hormones in women and treat the common cold, lung problems, but it also has several fortifying compounds that supply crystal clear skin and healthy hair This, coupled with its revitalizing scent, makes it a popular …

Is nutmeg oil toxic?

It is crystalline and, owing to its high boiling point, is mainly found in the last portions of the distillate. Myristicin is toxic to human beings and large doses of nutmeg or its oil may cause convulsions.

Where do I apply nutmeg essential oil?

Suggested Uses

  1. Inhale or apply topically to the chest for an invigorating breathing experience.
  2. Apply by massage topically to soothe muscles after activity.
  3. Add to Thieves toothpaste or Thieves Mouthwash to freshen breath.
  4. Apply diluted to abdomen and feet.

How do you take nutmeg oil internally?

Use for Nutmeg Vitality Essential Oil

  1. Only Nutmeg Vitality by Young Living is approved for internal use.
  2. Add 1 drop of Nutmeg Vitality and 1 drop of carrier oil (such as coconut oil) to a vegetable capsule and take daily.
  3. Incorporate Nutmeg Vitality into your favorite holiday baked goods or beverages.

What essential oils turn a man on?

Some essential oils have aphrodisiac properties and can get you in the mood….Essential oils for sex drive

  • Clary sage.
  • Lavender.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Ylang ylang.
  • Carpolobia.
  • Eurycoma longifolia.
  • Ginseng.
  • Satureja khuzestanica.

What does nutmeg oil do in the bedroom?

Catch Some Zzzzz’s. Nutmeg essential oil has mild sedative properties. It can help improve sleep by decreasing activity of stress-related enzymes. If you struggle to drift off to sleep, try a few drops of nutmeg massaged into your feet or diffused at your bedside.

Why is nutmeg so toxic?

Nutmeg contains a substance called myristicin, a narcotic with very unpleasant toxic side effects if taken in large quantities. Effects can last for several hours, and, when a large amount is used, can lead to organ failure.

Has anybody died from nutmeg?

To date, there are only two cases of death from a nutmeg overdose, the study said. Nutmeg, however, is considered “safe for their intended use,” according to the U.S Food and Drug Administration as of April last year.

Can I apply nutmeg on my face?

Mixing nutmeg powder with raw honey, lemon juice, clove oil and baking soda will make an excellent face pack to exfoliate your skin and deep cleanse the pores. Or just use a nutmeg exfoliator for amazing results. An addition of nutmeg to your honey face pack can also reduce pigmentation. It is also a great exfoliant.

Can you drink nutmeg oil?

Precautions. Though nutmeg is unlikely to cause harm when consumed in small quantities, taking it in high doses may cause adverse side effects. It contains the compounds myristicin and safrole. When ingested in large amounts, they can cause symptoms like hallucinations and loss of muscle coordination.

Can you drink nutmeg essential oil?

As per NAHA guidelines, New Directions Aromatics (NDA) does not recommend the ingestion of essential oils. High doses of Nutmeg essential oil in the body (whether applied topically, inhaled, or ingested) can lead to side effects including sedation, hallucinations, paranoia, and vomiting.