What is Norweco?

What is Norweco?

Norweco – Norwalk Wastewater Equipment Company (Norweco) is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems and chemicals.

What is a bio kinetic septic system?

Bio-Kinetic® System (Tertiary Treatment) A Bio-Kinetic® System is installed in the system mounting cast above the outlet zone of the Clarification Chamber. With four ports in use flow through the system increases while continuing to provide non-mechanical flow equalization to all upstream and downstream processes.

What is an AdvanTex septic system?

Orenco’s AdvanTex® AX-Max™ Treatment Systems are a dependable, proven technology for primary-treated effluent to better-than-secondary standards, including nitrogen-reduction. They consist of sturdy, watertight fiberglass tanks that incorporate recirculation-blend and discharge tankage in a single module.

How does a jet septic system work?

The Jet Aerator injects air to provide oxygen so the huge number of microorganisms (biomass) can grow and attach to the submerged Jet BAT®Process Media. This biomass converts the wastewater to odorless, colorless liquid and gases.

How does a Norweco system work?

Aeration Chamber Function The aeration chamber provides a minimum of 24 hour retention of the design daily flow. While the wastewater is retained within the aeration chamber, aerobic bacteria oxidize the organic matter and pollutants are biologically broken down into harmless gases, liquids and solids.

How many chlorine tablets do I need for a septic system?

The tablets should be inserted in the chlorination tube at the rate of 1 to 2 tablets per person per week, with no more than 4 or 5 tablets being inserted at one time.

What is an Eljen septic system?

The Eljen Mantis Series is a wastewater dispersal and disposal technology that applies clarified effluent to the native soil through a proprietary filtering process. Septic tank effluent migrates through the Filter Support Modules and into the Specified Sand layer which surrounds each Mantis unit.

How do I reset my septic tank alarm?

If the alarm happens to be going off, the best thing to do is to push the red button or switch on the alarm box. This will turn off the alarm. There should be a red light and a green light located somewhere on the alarm box. The green light means that the alarm has power and should always be on.

How do you reuse septic tank water?


  2. 2 Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation.
  3. 1 Stormwater Capture for Infiltration.
  4. A Option 3 + Graywater for Irrigation.
  5. Option 4 +
  6. B Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation.
  7. 4 Treated Graywater for Indoor Toilet Use.
  8. 3 Rainwater Harvesting for Indoor Toilet.

What is a jet system?

The JET plant uses the patented Biologically Accelerated Treatment (BAT®) process to transform waste water into colorless, odorless, environmentally-friendly effluent, cleaner than most city plants.

Who is norweco and what do they do?

Online Store Norweco is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems and chemicals for municipal, industrial, commercial, residential and onsite use. Home Residential Commercial

What can norweco-Norwalk wastewater equipment company do?

Norweco’s dosing equipment provides a reliable method of adding chlorination or dechlorination chemicals to water or wastewater flows. We are able to support a multitude of applications ranging from residential and commercial to flushing a fire hydrant.

What kind of Mold sets do norweco use?

Norweco molds give precast companies the ability to sell concrete tankage for all of Norweco system technologies. Mold sets are available for all models and sizes of our residential concrete treatment systems including Singulair, Singulair R 3, Hydro-Kinetic, Hydro-Kinetic Bio-Film Reactor and Phos- 4 -Fade filter.

How to place a credit card order at norweco?

To schedule one of our Sales Professionals for a personal visit or to determine your exact online or offline store needs, email us at [email protected] place a credit card order by dialing: 1-800-NORWECO Progress Through Service Since 1906 Residential Commercial