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What is mean by luminous object?

What is mean by luminous object?

Luminous objects are objects that generate their own light. Illuminated objects are objects that are capable of reflecting light to our eyes. The sun is an example of a luminous object, while the moon is an illuminated object. During the day, the sun generates sufficient light to illuminate objects on Earth.

What is luminous object example?

Examples of luminous objects are: the sun. flame in a lamp. tube light. electric bulb.

What is luminous object very short answer?

Luminous objects:- The objects that can emit light energy by themselves are known as luminous objects. Objects like the sun that give out or emit light of their own are luminous objects. Other examples of luminous bodies are Electric bulb, torch etc.

What is mean by non luminous object?

Non-luminous objects are the objects that do not have their own source of light energy and hence they cannot emit light and are not responsible for vision. These objects can only be visible due to luminous objects. Examples of non-luminous objects are the moon, plants, and spoons.

Is TV a luminous object?

An object which gives out its own light is called a luminous object. For example, Sun, stars, burning candles, electric bulbs, glowing tube light, television screen, a piece of red hot iron, a flame of a gas burner, and fireflies are all luminous objects.

Is Jupiter a luminous object?

1) Jupiter is non luminous and reflects sunlight. 2) Shadows occur due to rectilinear propagation of light. 3) The color of a shadow does not depend on color of objects.

What are luminous objects give 5 examples?

Luminous Object Examples

  • Sun,
  • Stars,
  • Torch,
  • Laser,
  • Bulb,
  • Tube light,
  • Fireflies,
  • Jellyfish etc.

Are planets luminous or non luminous?

Luminous objects are objects that emit (give out) light. In our solar system, the sun is the only luminous object. All of the planets and moons reflect light (the light from the sun bounces off them) and absorb light but they don’t emit light, so we say they are non-luminous.

Is a candle luminous?

Candle is also a luminous object since it emits light by the burning of the tread on it.

Is fire a luminous object?

Your Answer: True. Fire is indeed an example of luminous objects because it emits light of its own.

Is Venus a luminous object?

Yes Venus is luminous. Q3. Which objects can you not see in a dark night−luminous objects or non-luminous objects?