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What is db2haicu?

What is db2haicu?

Db2® high availability instance configuration utility (db2haicu) is a text-based utility that you can use to configure and administer your highly available databases in a clustered environment.

How do I disable db2haicu?

Type $ db2haicu –disable to disable DB2’s integration with TSA. Hit Enter to confirm that you want to disable TSA for DB2 and again check $ db2 get dbm cfg | grep –i cluster and this time it should show as blank.

How does hadr work in DB2?

Db2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) uses database logs to replicate data from the primary database to the standby database. Some activities can cause the standby database to fall behind the primary database as logs are replayed on the standby database.

What is TSA in hadr?

TSA/HADR is a combination of (IBM’s) technologies that facilitates high availability and disaster recovery in a world of DB2 (“High Availability and Disaster Recovery” – that is what HADR stands for). Tivoli System Automation (for Multiplatforms) is the long for TSA(MP).

What is IBM Tivoli system Automation for multiplatforms?

IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP) is cluster managing software that facilitates automatic switching of users, applications, and data from one database system to another in a cluster. Tivoli SA MP automates control of IT resources such as processes, file systems, and IP addresses.

What is TSA on Linux?

TSA Mode: TSA Mode can be used to expose NSS as a native Linux file system (Linux Mode) or emulate NetWare file system semantics (NetWare Mode) on OES 2018 or later. If the Dual Mode is selected, both NetWare and Linux semantics are simultaneously exposed and can be used independently of each other.

How do I restart my hadr?

0. Stop your applications completely….If you plan to reboot both the systems:

  1. db2 force applications all (on primary)
  2. db2 deactivate db database_name(on primary)
  3. db2 deactivate db database_name(on standby)
  4. db2stop force (on both systems)
  5. Reboot your systems.

What is Tivoli system?

Tivoli Management Framework (TMF) is a CORBA-based systems and network management framework. It allows administrators to manage large numbers of remote locations or devices.