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What is Chao world extended?

What is Chao world extended?

Chao World Extended is a giant mod pack for the Steam version of Sonic Adventure 2 that adds a huge variety of features, while also re-adding features removed from the gardens across all versions – some never seen before such as the Chao Organ and unused animations!

How long is a Chao year sa2?

A Chao’s life lasts for around 5 years and then it reaches the end of its life. The age of your Chao is shown in the Medical Chart with the Chao Doctor (in the Kindergarten). A Chao Year lasts about one real life hour on the Dreamcast games, and around three hours on the modern games.

How long does it take for a Chao to finish a class?

Once you place a Chao in the classroom, it will take 30 minutes to complete the lesson. Unlike the Chao Garden, the classroom time will only pass while you are playing the game outside of Chao World – and not the time spent in the Chao Gardens!

What is a bright Chao?

Bright Chao are a result of a porting glitch made by SEGA in the HD version of Sonic Adventure 2, for Xbox, Playstation and PC platforms. They appear visually different instead of Shiny Two-tone Chao, consisting of bright colours. They still behave genetically as a Shiny Two-tone, such as carrying the Shiny gene.

How do you keep a Chao from dying?

The first step in saving a Chao is to leave the Chao Garden before it dies. Then, re-enter the Chao Garden and quickly pick up the Chao before it enters a grey cocoon again.

What happens if you abuse your Chao?

Chao abuse usually decreases the lifespan of the Chao, and the Chao dies when it comes time to reincarnate.

Why is my Chao always sleeping?

Why is my Chao always sleeping? Angry / Upset If your Chao has a large tornado swirl above its head, then it means it is very angry or upset about something. It could also mean that your Chao is tired, which is most commonly caused by waking it up while it is sleeping. It also has this expression when it trips over.

What does classroom do for Chao?

The Classroom is a location in Sonic Adventure 2’s Chao Kindergarten. It’s primary function is to teach chao various actions that can be performed in the garden over time while the player plays Action Stages.

How do you get Jewel Chao?

Jewel Chao are obtainable using the online Black Market to download them to your VMU, after achieving a certain amount of emblems. The Jewel Chao available are Silver, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, and Moon.

Are there mods for the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2?

Chao World Extended is a mod for the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 that can change the system of the Chao Garden depending on what you choose. Chao World Extended also add new contents, brings back unused contents and adds a variety of ways to get new kind of chao!

What can you do with Chao world extended?

Chao World Extended is a modpack for Sonic Adventure 2 (PC) that contains a variety of different mods and codes, some of which add content to the game such as over 100 new chao colors and combinations, adding unused toys to the game and even a Day/Night Cycle feature! This is the full list of mods that come with the CWE zip file:

Where do you get sadx animals in Sonic Adventure 2?

SADX Animals are obtained differently from SA2 animals. They are somehow interested in those GBA fruits around your gardens: if you buy GBA fruits from the Black Market and leave them in the garden, a SADX animal may appear! This mod also add 3 new animals: ladybug, scorpion and the bee!

What kind of mods are there for Chao?

Noteworthy mods include: Mixing colours which add hundreds of new Chao colours and combinations for breeding, in-game ways of getting Character Chao and Jewel Chao such as the Tails Chao and Moon Chao amongst others, the ability to use the original gardens from the Dreamcast version, an optional day/night cycle, and much much more!