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What is a Section D Welsh cob?

What is a Section D Welsh cob?

The Welsh Cob (Section D) is the largest size within the Welsh Pony and Cob breed registries. They must be taller than 13.2 hands (54 inches, 137 cm), with no upper height limit. They are used as riding horses for both adults and children, and are also used for driving.

How much does a Welsh cob horse cost?

How to Adopt or Buy a Welsh Pony or Cob. The cost of a Welsh pony averages around $5,000. This largely depends on the horse’s age, training, and pedigree. The price can rise up to $50,000 or more for a solid, healthy pony with success in the show ring.

What do you look for in a Welsh Section D?

THE WELSH SECTION D PONY. Rules for Showing 1: Welsh Mountain Ponies should be shown in as natural a state as possible. 2: Very thick, long manes may be discretely thinned, one long thin plait is usually put at the top of the mane behind the ear, the reason being to show off the line of the throat.

What weight should a Welsh section D be?

Weight Assessment

Under 12hh Shetland, Dartmoor, Welsh A 200kg – 320kg
14hh to 15hh Arab, Dales, Welsh D 360kg – 550kg
15hh to 16hh Arab, TB, ID, Welsh X 400kg – 550kg
16hh to 17hh TB, Warmblood 470kg – 650kg
17hh to 19hh Warmblood. Heavy Horse Breeds 550kg – 1000kg

How old do Welsh cobs live?

around 35 years
The life expectancy of a Welsh pony is around 35 years.

Are Welsh Section D weight carriers?

Welsh sec D’s are generally great weight carriers. The average 14.2hh sec D wouldnt have a problem with 12 stone, as a guide.

What can Welsh cobs do?

A Welsh Cob is the ideal horse for: Dressage Endurance Riding Sport Riding Hunting Jumping Work Activities Pleasure, Show, and Combined Driving

What color is a Welsh Cob?

One of the outstanding breeders of Welsh has said: “The bigger the eye, the better; the deeper through the heart, the stronger the prouder the lift of the head, the more courageous; the swifter the action, the more fearless.”. The pure Welsh pony may be any color: black, gray, bay, roan, cream, or chestnut.

What is a Welsh cob horse?

Welsh Cob. The Welsh Cob originated in Wales, United Kingdom, and is the largest of all the four equine types within the ‘Welsh Pony and Cob’ breed registries, and is categorized as Type-D. Today, this breed is generally used as a show horse.