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What is a revenue Code?

What is a revenue Code?

Basics of Revenue Code Revenue codes are 4-digit numbers that are used on hospital bills to tell the insurance companies either where the patient was when they received treatment, or what type of item a patient might have received as a patient. A medical claim will not be paid if this is missing from a bill.

How do you bill for trauma activation?

According to Medicare and the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) charges representing the activation of a trauma team are reported using revenue code 068x. Revenue category 068X is used for patient for whom trauma activation occurred with or without critical care services.

What is revenue Code 208?

Most hospitals report revenue code 208 (intensive care, trauma) on form UB-04 for patients who receive services in a dedicated trauma intensive care unit. This revenue code is assigned to the trauma patient, not the specific intensive care area such as the trauma ICU.

What is trauma activation code?

The code used for trauma activation with critical care is G0390. Not all payors take this code, but Medicare does. There needs to be at least 31 minutes of facility-based critical care in order to qualify for the G0390. This means face-to-face care with resources belonging to the facility, not the physician.

What revenue code is assigned to trauma?

Revenue code 068x is only permitted for reporting trauma activation charges. The National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) has provided guidelines on how to determine if trauma activation has occurred.

What is revenue Code 202?

Small hospitals may bill revenue code 200 to represent either medical ICU (202) or surgical ICU (201) but code 200 may not be used to represent codes 203 thru 209.

What is revenue Code 250?

There are several ways revenue code 250 can be used for billing outpatient medications. The first pertains to billing for a covered medication which does not have a valid HCPCS or CPT code. In this instance, revenue code 250 may be billed without a corresponding code.

Does revenue Code 636 require HCPCS?

Revenue Code 636 is used. It requires HCPCS. Other inpatient drugs continue to be billed without HCPCS codes under pharmacy. Electronic billers must enter the HCPCS code in field 5 of Record Type 60.

Can you bill trauma activation without critical care?

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a trauma team must provide at least 30 minutes of critical care in order to bill for a trauma team activation. The surgeon cannot submit a professional charge for critical care.