What is a proven track record?

What is a proven track record?

From Longman Business Dictionary ˈtrack ˌrecord noun [countable usually singular] all the things that a person or organization has done in the past, which shows how good they are at doing their job, dealing with problems etcThis is a company with a proven track record (=they have shown in the past how good they are).

What is another way to say proven track record?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for track-record, like: performance history, record, record of performance, credentials, reputation, achievement, history, performance, accomplishment, statistics and stats.

How do you say proven track record on a resume?

Proven track record Instead of writing that phrase, prove it. Explain what you did to attain that track record and be specific and make sure to quantify your impact. “I brought twenty new clients which led to a fifty thousand profit in 2010” is more impressive than the phrase “I have proven track record”.

What is a record in computer terms?

A record is a data structure that groups together related items of data. These are slightly more complex than arrays as you can store more than one type of data together.

What is meant by proven experience?

When an employer asks for a “proven ability” to do something, they’re looking for evidence of that ability in your past. So, for instance, if you had a job that required you to meet strict deadlines or manage multiple projects, and you did well in it, you’ve “proven” your ability to do those things.

What is a bad track record?

A history of someone’s or something’s performance, often cited as a predictor of how they will perform in the future.

Is track record one or two words?

a record of achievements or performance: an executive with a good track record.

What is a good track record?

If you talk about the track record of a person, company, or product, you are referring to their past performance, achievements, or failures in it. The job needs someone with a good track record in investment.

How do you prove proven track record?

Experience. Job specs often stipulate that you have a ‘proven track record in sales’ – you know you can sell so prove it! Include the employer name, dates, job title, responsibilities and achievements. Provide specific and measurable details, quantify everything you’ve done as numbers are easier to scan than words.

What best describes a record?

1) In computer data processing, a record is a collection of data items arranged for processing by a program. The organization of data in the record is usually prescribed by the programming language that defines the record’s organization and/or by the application that processes it.

What is a record and examples?

The definition of a record is something on which sound or images has been preserved or a permanent file of something. An example of record is a collection on a CD of songs by The Beatles. An example of record is a list of crimes that a person has committed. noun.

What does proven work mean?

What is a strong track record?

a track record. track record. A history of someone’s or something’s performance, often cited as a predictor of how they will perform in the future. The mayor brought in the new police chief because he has a strong track record of reducing crime in inner-city neighborhoods.

What does track record mean?

Definition of track record : a record of past performance often taken as an indicator of likely future performance : the things that someone or something has done or achieved in the past regarded especially as a way to judge what that person or thing is likely to do in the future

What is another word for track record?

Synonyms for Track record: n. • baton, ahead, clock, come, come in, the blocks, false start, drop back, dash, dead heat. Other synonyms: •n. accomplishment, achievement, record. •Other relevant words: train wreck, omnishambles, no-hoper.

What is a research track record?

A track record statement is an argument demonstrating your capacity to carry out research and aims to convince assessors that you have the research skills, experience and ability to manage the project. It’s important that you tell the assessor about yourself in prose, as opposed to a list of achievements as in a CV.