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What is a host reward fee for Scentsy?

What is a host reward fee for Scentsy?

A $5
A. A $5 Host Rewards Fee – Party Fee can be paid either by the Host or the Consultant. If all the ½ price items are taken, this fee is waived. Most Consultants use this as a thank you gift for the Host and pay the fee themselves should all the host ½ price awards not be redeemed at the time the party is closed.

What is excluded from Scentsy host rewards?

What can I redeem with my rewards? Only a few exclusions apply: charitable cause products, licensed products and some Bundle & Save offers. Also, product $85 -$189.99 requires two half-price items to save 50% and product $190 and over requires three half-price items to save 50%.

What is a Scentsy perpetual party reward?

Perpetual Party Rewards When one of your party guests books his or her own Scentsy party, you’ll receive an additional half-price item when you attend their qualifying party of $200 or more.

Can a Scentsy Consultant host their own party?

Scentsy Consultants can host their own parties as often as they want to and they can use the free and half-price host rewards to purchase products for themselves.

What rewards do you get from Scentsy?

No Matter How You Party, Your Rewards are Scentsational!

  • Scentsy product at 50% OFF and $20-$34.99 in FREE product. $350 – 499.99.
  • Scentsy products at 50% OFF and $35-$49.99 in FREE product.
  • Scentsy products at 50% OFF and $75-$149.99 in FREE product.
  • Scentsy products at 50% OFF and $150+ in FREE product.

Does scentsy have Harry Potter?

Scentsy has collaborated with Harry Potter™ to create magical, wizard-worthy products from warmers to wax fragrances, all inspired by your favorite characters and icons, including the Hogwarts™ houses and Harry Potter™.

How much do Scentsy consultants make?

Average Scentsy Independent Consultant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $31,998, which is 51% below the national average.

What do you get for hosting a color street party?

They have a generous Host/Booking Program Host Benefits: If Nail bar sales are $150-$299, host free credit = 10% of sales and one ½ price item. If sales are $300-$599, host free credit = 15% of sales, 3 ½ price items and free shipping.

Scentsy provides (1) ½ Price item as a Perpetual Party Reward to a Hostess who has a guest(s) at her party who books a future party. This is provided by Scentsy, but administered by the Consultant. Booking rewards must be redeemed when the party is entered or they will be lost.

How do I place a Scentsy order?

Go to the Scentsy website and click on the “Consultant Login” at the bottom of the page. Enter your Scentsy consultant identification number and password and click “Sign In.” Locate the “Place an Order” link on the following page and click on it. Enter the name of the host of the party,…

What is a Scentsy basket party?

Scentsy Basket Party: Method of collecting Scentsy orders; generally consisting of a host, catalogs and scent samples presented as an alternative to home parties.