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What is a good team for Salamence?

What is a good team for Salamence?

Team Options for Salamence

Salamence Metagross Landorus (Therian Forme)
Lead Dynamax Choice Band Sweeper Defensive Pivot
Tapu Fini Gengar Galarian Zapdos
Hazard Cleaner Special Sweeper Back Up Physical Sweeper

Is Mega Salamence any good?

Mega Salamence is a part of the Uber tier of competitive battling. With a powerful 145 base Attack and high 120 base Speed bolstered by a phenomenal ability in Aerilate, Mega Salamence is a ferocious threat in Ubers and manages to stand out as one of the tier’s most powerful forces.

Who has mega Salamence?

Salamence (Japanese: ボーマンダ Bohmander) is a dual-type Dragon/Flying pseudo-legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Shelgon starting at level 50. It is the final form of Bagon. Salamence can Mega Evolve into Mega Salamence using the Salamencite….Weight.

226.2 lbs. 102.6 kg
0 lbs. 0 kg

What’s the best ability for Salamence?

Intimidate is the preferred ability to help Salamence set up more easily against physical attackers, though Moxie’s Attack boosts can help Salamence sweep more efficiently. This set takes advantage of Salamence’s mixed offenses and places greater focus on its Special Attack.

Is Salamence an op?

Mega Salamence is an offensive powerhouse thanks to a high Attack stat, access to Dragon Dance, and a powerful ability in Aerilate to help bolster its Normal-type attacks into stronger Flying-type STAB attacks.

Does Salamence need dragon dance?

However, if Salamence is being used on a Rain team, Hydro Pump is an option to OHKO Gliscor after Stealth Rock; additionally, Hydro Pump still hits Skarmory and Forretress on their weak Special Defense….Dragon Dance.

Type Dragon
Power 120 BP
Accuracy 100%

What egg group is Bagon in?

Only in this Egg Group

# Pokémon Type
371 Bagon Dragon
372 Shelgon Dragon
373 Salamence Dragon
633 Deino Dark

What tier is mega Salamence?

Mega Salamence sits at a high Speed tier of base 120, which enables it to naturally outspeed key threats such as Mega Lucario, Yveltal, unboosted Xerneas, and Rayquaza while potentially Speed tying with Arceus formes.

Is Salamence a good Pokemon?

Salamence is a good Pokémon, but its movesets are arguably garbage. It will successfully land in any high level team, but you will have to use TMs to get a really good Salamence. When you break it down, Salamence has really lost the moveset lottery: no Flying charge move = less utility than a Hurricane Dragonite.

Is Salamence an Uber?

Salamence is uber for the same reason as Mew. It’s not a particular moveset, or strategy that it employs, it is uber because of its unpredictability.

What does Salamence evolve from?

Salamence is a Dragon- and Flying-type Pokémon. It evolves from Shelgon at level 50 and is the final evolution of Bagon. With a base experience of 218, Salamence reaches level 100 at approximately 26.9 million experience.