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What is a boundary concern?

What is a boundary concern?

Boundary Concern. A boundary concern occurs when a member’s action might not be con- sidered a best practice (see chapter 2) without meeting the definition of abuse or hazing.

What is a DCC in Civil Air Patrol?

Cadet Programs Officer is an umbrella term claimed by any senior member whose CAP service focuses on instructing, supervising, or mentoring cadets, such as adult volunteers holding these duty assignments: Director of Cadet Programs (Region, Wing, Group) Squadron Commander. Deputy Commander / DCC.

What is the cadet wingman Course?

Put simply, the Cadet Wingman Course is a carefully designed learning experience that takes brand new cadets and equips them with some fundamental information and skills concerning the imperative to stay safe so they can achieve their goals and “accomplish the mission.”

How do you become a Civil Air Patrol officer?

How to Join

  1. Find a local CAP Senior or Composite Squadron.
  2. Contact the squadron and arrange to visit a meeting.
  3. Attend a meeting.
  4. Complete the Membership Application and FD 258 Fingerprint Card (available at your squadron).
  5. Submit your application, fingerprint card and dues through one of the following ways:

What factors are necessary to contribute to a reasonable suspicion of abuse select two 2 ))?

Reasonable suspicion of abuse. A person may form a reasonable suspicion of abuse when two factors are present. (1) The person has specific, credible information that one person has harmed another. (2) If another experienced CAP leader had access to that same information, he or she would also suspect abuse.

How frequently must a senior member refresh his or her training by retaking a cadet protection course?

Training for adult volunteers on how to interact with cadets safely and reduce the risk of abuse. Completed by newcomer seniors as part of Level I. Members obligated to complete this course must refresh their training every 48 months.

Is an example of an activity where Level 1 intensity might be appropriate?

Continued use of Level 1 intensity when a student is displaying obvious signs of excessive stress. Examples: Cadets who are tearful or crying, unable to respond verbally, or are vapor locked.

Does Civil Air Patrol get paid?

Do I get paid to be a member? No, you are a volunteer member of Civil Air Patrol. All activities you do are donations of your time and expertise to help your country and community.

Who can join the Civil Air Patrol?

To be eligible to fly a CAP plane, the pilot must have a valid FAA private, commercial or airline pilot certificate; must be an active CAP member at least 17 years in age; and must possess a valid and current medical certificate.

Who can take a child into protective custody without a court order?

A police officer, law enforcement official, or a physician who has reasonable cause to suspect that a child is suffering from illness or injury or is in danger of personal harm by reason of his surroundings and that a case of child abuse or neglect exists, may request that the juvenile officer take the child into …

Which behavior could be reason to suspect abuse?

Abuse or neglect may be suspected if the child: Shows sudden changes in behavior, changes that seem like regression (losing skills they once had, crying more, etc.), or changes in school performance. Has not received help for physical or medical problems brought to the parents’ attention.

What are the 5 levels of intensity?

Low intensity: heart rate is 68-to-92 beats per minute. Moderate intensity: heart rate is 93-to-118 beats per minute. High intensity: heart rate is more than 119 beats per minute….Measuring intensity

  • Low (or light) is about 40-54% MHR.
  • Moderate is 55-69% MHR.
  • High (or vigorous) is equal to or greater than 70% MHR.