What high school has JROTC?

What high school has JROTC?

Region School Name Marine Corps JROTC Unit Web Address
1 Churchland High School
1 Quantico High School
1 Rahway High School
1 Reading High School

Is JROTC a military school?

Students who participate in JROTC are not required to join the military after high school, and the program is not a military preparation class. But as the Air Force JROTC website notes, the program is regulated by the military and participation may improve rank upon enlisting.

Where is Army JROTC located?

The U.S. Army’s JROTC program currently operates in more than 1,700 public and private high schools, military institutions, and correctional centers throughout the United States and overseas. Approximately 40% of JROTC programs are in inner city schools, serving a student population of 50% minorities.

Can you join JROTC in high school?

To join JROTC, look for it as an elective in your school’s class offerings. High schools without their own JROTC program often have reciprocity agreements with nearby schools that do offer JROTC, so students at a school without a program will be allowed to participate in a nearby school’s program.

What rank do you get after JROTC army?

The rank would be a non-rank (SMP) for ROTC students. If a BS is achieved the starting rank is 2nd LT. Depends on college degree, but most likely PFC is going to be your starting point. SPC is available for those who already have a bachelors.

What is the difference between JROTC and ROTC?

ROTC is short for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, which is a military training program for students who are currently enrolled in a college or university. The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is the version of this program geared towards high school students.

Do you have to join the military after ROTC?

Following graduation, ROTC cadets are required to serve in the active Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve. All graduates are required to serve in the military for a period of eight years.

What if my high school doesnt have JROTC?

If your school doesn’t offer a JROTC program, there are still ways to get involved. “Some high schools have arrangements with other schools nearby that offer the program and allow students to participate off of their campus,” says Col. Balchunas. Or, create something of your own.

What does 3 years of JROTC get you?

Successful completion of a JROTC Program (1–3 years of classes) can lead to advanced rank upon enlistment in the Armed Forces. For example, upon completion of 3 years of Air Force JROTC, cadets may at their instructor’s discretion enlist in the Air Force at the rank of Airman First Class (E-3).

Can you join JROTC in 9th grade?

As a JROTC cadet, you can start earning school-specific scholarships as early as the 9th grade. Depending on the school, you can earn up to $6,000 each year you’re in the JROTC program. If you were in a cadet leadership position, you could get an additional $3,375 per year.

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