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What happens if your nursing license is suspended?

What happens if your nursing license is suspended?

Having a suspended nursing license means you can’t legally practice nursing. Many reasons could warrant suspension of your nursing license, and the steps required to petition for reinstatement vary by state.

Who is the chief administrative nurse in Nevada?

NRS 632.240 System for delivery of health care: Nursing services must be supervised by chief administrative nurse. NRS 632.270 Qualifications of applicant for license; regulations.

What does NRS 632-nursing-Nevada legislature-Nevada?

NRS 632.073 Authority to appoint advisory committees; reimbursement of members for actual expenses. NRS 632.080 Compensation of members; per diem allowances and travel expenses of members and employees; payment from money of Board. NRS 632.085 Fiscal year.

What are the requirements for a nursing license in Nevada?

NRS 632.282 Expedited license by endorsement for active member of Armed Forces, member’s spouse, veteran or veteran’s surviving spouse: Requirements; procedure for issuance; provisional license pending action on application. NRS 632.285 Practicing or offering to practice without certificate unlawful; enforcement.

How often does a nursing license suspension occur?

A nursing license suspension is actually an incredibly rare occurrence among our clients. In fact, for the thousands of nurses our attorneys have represented, only a couple have had their RN licenses suspended for any period of time and never longer than 6 months. WHEN DOES NURSING LICENSE SUSPENSION OCCUR?

What are the laws for Nursing in Nevada?

In Nevada, nurses are legally bound by the applicable laws found in the Nevada Revised Statutes, the nursing regulations found in the Nevada Administrative Code, case law handed down by Nevada courts, and sometimes by the professional and ethical standards of nursing organizations, such as the American Nurses Association.

Can a nursing license be suspended while on probation?

While a nursing license suspension is a rare occurrence, probation is not. Probation is the most common form of discipline imposed following an Accusation and at no point during Probation, is your RN license suspended.

Can a nurse return to work after a suspension?

For nurses who have their licenses suspended after an Accusation, they may return to work once the suspension is lifted; in our 2 cases, it was 6 months.